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Is Mars snickering at us?

Yet another downsizing of food portions.

Unlike most companies that silently sneak the change like thieves in the night, Mars came up with a pr campaign touting the change as good for us. The story started on the local news that Mars is healthing up. Those candy bars will now be under 250. But not to worry ... no change to the recipes ... the bars will just be smaller.

Mars is listening to us about our health concerns and giving us what we asked for. Mars cares.

Seriously, how many times do big corporations have to take something away from us and then really believe they can put a positive spin on it and all is well.

The sad thing is that the news team thought it was a great idea. So I guess we are as stupid as Mars thinks.

Personally, if i want a smaller portion, I'll buy a bag of bite-sized snickers. I'm not laughing.

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  1. "The sad thing is that the news team thought it was a great idea."

    That's one sad point...the other being that the prices will remain the same, even though there's less product. Not surprised.

    1. Price of raw materials is up, up, up. A silly way to put a positive spin on downsizing, but understandable. That's why Hostess is suffering, passing on increases in ingredient costs to consumers will drop sales.

      1. They should just raise the price, not shrink the candy. Yet another thing down the line we'll all be saying "Well back in my day..."

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        1. re: LongIslandChef

          The problem is that there's a threshold they can't cross. Price it too high and sales will drop, keep the price level and shrink the size, sales may drop initially but they'll bounce back.

          1. re: ferret

            Yes that's true, but I just wonder if a person will still feel "satisfied" after eating these new smaller candybars.
            If not, that could REALLY end up cutting into thier business.

            1. re: ferret

              To a point.

              Take it to its inevitable conclusion, and you end up with this converstaion:

              "Ummm, there are only 4 M&M's in this "Large" bag."

              "Yes, but the price is the same $1 it has been for years. Mars understands that consumers have limited discretionary income and we make every effort to hold prices steady in the face of rising costs of raw materials. We're certain our customers appreciate our efforts and we look forward to providing them with the same high-quality product they have come to know and enjoy."

          2. Seventy percent of all water bottles do not get recycled and wind up in landfills. As a result, bottlers have had to make these *annoying* half-height little bottle caps to help lessen any ill effects on the environment. They've also made their bottles feel like your drinking out of thin plastic bags ... of course, for the same reason. I guess we have to become more responsible as individuals so that companies don't take the liberty of blaming us for their money-saving and (sometimes) quality-cutting ways. In the case of Mars here, of course "portion control" and "calorie count" surfaced as deciding factors ... afterall, Americans are obese. So, as a result, Mars decides to be proactive and shrink their candies !!! Brilliant !!! THEY at Mars, all rejoice because America's waistlines are expected to benefit tremendously, and (coincidentally) so are the figures in the Mars bottom line. Come on Mars, please stop kidding us. We all know you're only interested in your bottom line... and nobody here's gonna stop at just one little candy bar. So I guess Mars, you've succeeded.

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            1. re: Cheese Boy

              Well, maybe they can also get a government subsidy for contributing to decreasing health care costs.

            2. Why is this a bad thing?

              This rant against Mars seems like taking the general rant of "they've downsized my favorite product without screaming it from the top of their lungs" meme to new heights of absurdity.

              The general "they've downsized without telling me" rant as applied to certain products (e.g. canned tuna) ALMOST has some poignancy to it because people purportedly use one standard size can for recipes. I suppose since we all flunked basic grade school math and cannot do fractions to save our lives, downsizing in that instance would probably be somewhat of an inconvenience as in "Darn it. My old recipe for tuna salad says use one 6 oz canned tuna, and now all the tuna cans are only 5 oz. What to do?? What to do?? My family will now forever be deprived of my famous tuna salad!"

              But this?

              This is simply either raising prices or decreasing the size of a candy bar -- depending on which side of the coin you like to look at -- without any real, life-altering effect.

              Where's the harm in that?

              No one is seriously going to say, "Fuck! I can't make my favorite Snickers bar salad anymore because my old recipe called for eight 2 oz bars, and now the new bars are only 1.8 oz each! Curses!"

              And if the original 2 oz bar is now only 1.8 oz, will a person really notice the difference and say, "Gosh, that just wasn't very satisfying. For some reason I have this incredible urge to rip open a new bar and take just one more bite! All in the name of making sure I get a full 2 oz of chocolate bar goodness!"

              And as far as the "Mars is just the big corporation out to make money" argument goes, it's stupid, tired, and just idiotic. Yes, it's trying to make money. What did you expect? That's what companies do. And let's not forget that because Mars does make money -- and continues to do so -- it can hire and employ tens of thousands of people. You know, that thing called "employment"? Which is usually a good thing.


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              1. re: ipsedixit

                >>> people purportedly use one standard size can for recipes. I suppose since we all flunked basic grade school math and cannot do fractions to save our lives, downsizing in that instance would probably be somewhat of an inconvenience as in "Darn it. My old recipe for tuna salad says use one 6 oz canned tuna, and now all the tuna cans are only 5 oz

                Well, ONE problem with that is when the can size decreases without notice, people just grab what was once a 6oz can and don't notice the difference.

                Another is exactly where do you do the math? Are you supposed to buy a second can and add one ounce? Then what to do, what to do with the leftoer four ounces? What if you just don;t want another tuna thing except for one damn tuna sandwich? Throw the rest out? Force yourself to choke down the rest?

                Or, say it is tuna salad ... and there is 1/4 teaspoon salt, 3 tablespoons mayo, 1/3 cup chopped celery ... so ... let's see there were six ounces so I decrease all those by 1/6th. Easy peasy, eh?

                Oh .. btw ... google 'snickers recipe' and you will get over two million results. Many of those recipes call for one Snickers bar ... not one xx oz Snickers bar ... so to LOTS of people it is going to matter. ..

                >>> This is simply either raising prices or decreasing the size of a candy bar -- depending on which side of the coin you like to look at -- without any real, life-altering effect.

                Where's the harm in that?

                The harm is that I no longer trust this company and as much as I like Snickers ... you know ... it is crap chocolate and I won't buy it again.

                Raise the price or cut the size, but don't feed me a line of bullshit that you are looking out for my health and welfare.

                When the little geniuses in corporate get together on how to screw over people and make it seem like a favor, most people see the disingenuousness of it.

                i would have been happier if they just said they were reducing the size because things got expensive. I would have even appluaded that. Hooray ... a company not only letting us know of a change but being honest about it.

                Even better ... raise the price. Be bold. Recognize the quality of your product if you think it is there and that loyal customers will just pay the increase. For this type of chocolate, it is not like when I want a Snickers bar and see it is 10 cents more than a Hersey bar that I will buy that instead. When I want a Snickers bar, I want a Snickers bar ... not something a few cents cheaper.

                >>> That's what companies do. And let's not forget that because Mars does make money -- and continues to do so -- it can hire and employ tens of thousands of people. You know, that thing called "employment"? Which is usually a good thing

                CynIcally ROTFLMAO.

                Let's not straw man this.

                Did I complain the price was more?

                As I said, I would even applaud calling attention to the size decrease

                But please ... don't wrap it in a lie that it is because it is healttier

                1. re: rworange

                  If one can't figure out how to make a tuna salad with an oz. less of tuna, one has bigger problems.
                  Same with the candy bar recipes.
                  It's about packaging a snack food to have fewer calories. If someone wants to grab one candy bar, it still satisfies, but is a tad smaller, fewer calories. big deal.
                  As for buying a bag of minis if one wants just a smaller candy bar, yeah, good luck with that. Not everyone has the will power to buy a bag and have just one or two.
                  And why would I ever *expect* Mars CANDY BAR company to give me something other than good old junk food? I would never expect a Snickers bar to be "healthy." It is what it is.

                  1. re: wyogal

                    Some people just don't get it, right wyogal?

                      1. re: ipsedixit

                        There are more cookie recipes than salad recipes using Snickers and it does make a difference. Whatever.

                        I worked for a pet food company that got taken over by Mars, and despite all their promises, the changes that resulted were disgraceful. Not only the size of the bags becoming smaller, but the ingredients.....did you know peas counted for protein, rather than meat. I don't hate them or anything, despite the fact that they sort of forced everyone out of their old jobs (just business, I understand) but I don't trust them either. I'm making more and more from scratch these days.

                        1. re: ipsedixit

                          I believe I was the one who first brought up tuna as an example of items where a size change makes a difference (as opposed to, say, a jar of mayonnaise or a box of cereal), and the issue was never one of "how do I make it now?" but rather that a six-ounce can was just enough for two tuna salad sandwiches and five ounces (nearly a 17% reduction) is not. How do you deal with that? I don't care to have insidious tuna canners decide how big my sandwiches should be.

                          1. re: BobB

                            add celery and a hard boiled egg to one can, or make it with two.

                            1. re: wyogal

                              Sure, I can stuff it with fillers, but then it's not the way I like MY tuna salad.

                              And before we get too carried away - no, this is not something I'm losing any sleep over, but yes, it is a true annoyance.

                            2. re: BobB

                              How about using one 5oz can and one 7oz Costco can, and make 4 sandwiches? And some tuna, packing olive oil, comes in 3oz sizes, enough for one sandwich.

                              In a sense, anytime we insist on using packaged, processed foods, we are at the mercy of the packager.

                              1. re: paulj

                                Thank you paulj. A voice of reason.

                                1. re: ipsedixit

                                  How is it reasonable to be forced to make four sandwiches when you only want two? I have considered the 3 oz cans (I only use Italian tuna in oil, so that is an option), but they cost almost as much as the 5 oz.

                                    1. re: BobB

                                      Maybe 5 ounces is perfect for others. Maybe in 20 years a generation will be complaining that they changed from 5 ounces to 6.

                                2. re: BobB

                                  I have a big problem with the 30z mayo, since I use their jars to freeze home made broth. Now when a recipe calls for a quart, I have to splash some plain water in their, or have soup that is too thick. I know they don't care, but it still is a reminder every time I pick up a jar of those 2 missing ounces.

                                  1. re: coll

                                    The real problem is that manufacturers don't coordinate the size changes. Changing tuna cans from 6oz to 5 wouldn't be such a big deal if the bakers changed the cross section of their loaves by the same amount. Think of the mess if they reduced the number of hot dogs in a package without also changing the number of buns.

                                    Maybe this coordination thing is behind the Mars change. It's easier to drop the size of a candy bar by a few percent than to raise the price in a vending machine by the same amount. '$1.03' just doesn't cut it as a vending machine price.

                                    1. re: paulj

                                      Isn't it 8 hot dogs vs 6 buns currently? Guess it's been awhile for me. 6 hot dogs and 6 buns would make too much sense.

                                      1. re: coll

                                        I think that was his point. It's a joke.

                                        1. re: BobB

                                          Went over my head, for some reason. I always save the extra two for emergency garlic bread anyway.

                                        2. re: coll

                                          Yes and nobody would be upset that the hotdog pack size was switched from 8 to 6 (end sarcastic tone). You cant please everyone - except those that enjoy complaining.

                              1. First we got people bitching because food companies tried to "sneak" smaller portions past us (despite the fact that the portion size is right there on the label, by law).

                                Now we got people bitching because Mars had a huge press release to publicly announce smaller portions.

                                Conclusion? Some people really like bitching.

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                                1. re: RealMenJulienne

                                  But they're not making a big press release to say "The costs of materials are rising, so to prevent an increase in price of our product we're reducing the size."

                                  Instead, they're pretending that the main motivation for reducing the chocolate bar size is deep concern for the health of their customers. They don't want us to get fat, so after intense thought, they've decided the moral thing to do is sell smaller bar. Think of the children!"

                                  I do not believe that the company is doing this out of a sense of concern for the health of their customers. They sell sugar laden, largely nutrition free, food items.

                                    1. re: tastesgoodwhatisit

                                      So what. Except for quantitative data which is required by law to be accurate (financial statements, nutrition, portion size, etc) any corporate communication to consumers is guaranteed to be total bullshit. Anybody with half a brain understands this. Complaining about standard meaningless corporation-speak like this is like yelling at a tiger for having stripes.

                                      1. re: RealMenJulienne

                                        And that .. dear RealMenJulienne ... is the reason we are all currently living in Pottersville. Somewhere in the cosmo Jimmy Stewart decided to leap off the bridge.

                                        Rail against the Mr. Potters of the world ... spinning their webs ... even it is to rail against chocolate deceit.

                                        Maybe people should sweat the small stuff ... because otherwise before you know it the bank is at the door and tossing your into the street because of web spinning on a grander level.

                                        Maybe it is better to say "We are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore" on a small level so that it does not become permissiable ... even thinkable... on much bigger levels. If you can't decieve someone about a Snickers bar ... what is the chance that it becomes permissable to to do it when it is really important

                                        1. re: rworange

                                          By design, corporations are sociopathic toward consumers and have always been. There was never a golden age when corporations cared about consumer well-being without the threat of outside coercion (legislation for example). This is the basic definition of what a corporation IS.

                                          Do you really think that Mars' empty statement has a real effect on the world? That some poor sucker out there now believes a refined sugar-peddler like Mars corp. values his health over profit?

                                          The relevant data is there, measured in grams and calories.Good job Mars. The rest has no relevance beyond keeping some marketing guy employed.

                                  1. But it also means less nasty chemicals in each bar, things like lactose, artificial flavor, corn syrup, hydrogenated soybean oil. And they have dropped the pink slime entirely. :)

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                                    1. re: paulj

                                      Ah, another health benefit.

                                      Less is more

                                    2. So let's see where M&M-Mars stands:

                                      1) keep the candy bar at its current size and its current price: bankruptcy and the loss of thousands of jobs (and the ripple effect in the groceries, dry cleaners, car dealers, etc.,etc., etc.) = those BASTARDS couldn't manage their money and NOW see what they've done! My portfolio is devalued!

                                      2) Keep the candy bar at its current size and raise the price = those BASTARDS are raising prices in a down economy AND those BASTARDS don't care about the health of the American people -- look at this! Why aren't they helping me stop stuffing my face with candy bars! We're fat and THEY DON'T CARE.

                                      3) Reduce the bar size and keep the price steady = those BASTARDS are ripping us off!

                                      4) Reduce the bar size and keep the price steady, but try to put a nice face on it to avoid 3) above -- those BASTARDS are trying to pull a fast one on us!

                                      No matter what they do, somebody's going to bitch -- there's no way to make everybody happy, so they just keep pedaling.

                                      Carry on.

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                                      1. re: sunshine842

                                        5, None of the above.

                                        Re-read because none of that was the issue.

                                        1. re: rworange

                                          so it's not an exhaustive list -- I never intended it to be, nor was that even remotely the point of my post.

                                          The point is that no matter what they do, or how they publicize it (or not), somebody is going to scream BASTARDS!! from the galleries because there was some sleight, real or perceived.

                                          Having read a lot of your posts, you should try running a business some time...there really isn't any black or white anywhere in the spectrum -- it's always trying to find a balance between making people happy and losing your ass...and unfortunately, the spectre of losing your ass never, ever goes away.

                                          There has not ever been, nor will there ever be, a company, large or small, that is capable of making every single person with whom they come into contact happy all the time.

                                          They will be BASTARDS!! to someone, no matter what.

                                          1. re: sunshine842

                                            What is sad about all this is that is the expectation.

                                            There was a time when corporations cared about their image and tried to put out a good product.

                                            And now no one can even imagine that. We expect to be screwed and pay for the priviledge.

                                            1. re: rworange

                                              but that's my point...if they didn't care about their image, they'd have shrunk the size of the bar, kept the price the same,, and not said anything about it....but that's not acceptable, either.

                                              They expect to be bitched at no matter what they do, too.

                                              1. re: sunshine842

                                                I'm hearing you.

                                                I'm also hearing and knew from the beginning the customer needed to pay more.

                                                People will bitch, maybe sales will drop a while, but people need that Snicker bar fix so people will pay the greater price and move on and forget it.

                                                It always has to do with a company not knowing the value of their product and what makes it popular.

                                                If the price had risen on so many things ... Oceanspray Cranberry sauce, cans of tuna, coffee, bags of sugar ... there is always going to be that little lag where sales might drop.

                                                But did Oceanspray really think people were going to switch to another brand on Thanksgiving if the price went up? Are people going to stop buying sugar? And so it goes

                                                . Actually the tuna thing back-fired in terms of me. I did start looking around and found a better brand that I pay more for in terms of unit price. So I no longer even glance at the major tuna brands and they will never get me back as a customer.

                                                The other thing about corporate unawareness is if size/price isn't changed, ingredients are cheapened. The graveyard is filled with the great little restaurants that were bought by the big guys and chainized because the food changed. Total unawareeness of the product and why the customers buy it.

                                                When companies try to fool their customers, it almost always eventually bites them in the ass.

                                                All of this is a lack of respect for the customer. It isn't even a lack of respect. it is the total lack of comprehension of what builds customer loyalty.

                                                So a company trying to couch an unpopular decision ... where they know people will bitch ... as something good for the customer ... that is worse than those thieves in the night.

                                                it is the slickster walking up to you with a smile on his/her face and saying "Friend, i'm going to reach right into your pocket and take out a little money because I see how tired you are lugging around all that cash"

                                                Anyone who falls for something like that ... well.

                                                it may just be the way i would rather be treated. Give me the bad news. Let me bitch which isn't going to be listened to anyway.

                                                Don't hide the bad news because I will eventually learn it and it makes me think of a kid hiding a bad report card.

                                                Anyway, I bow out of this thread now and won't be reading it anymore. i've been on this site too long not to know where it goes from here.

                                                So ... enjoy ... discuss if you must. .

                                                My blog

                                                1. re: rworange

                                                  If you've ever been around cats, you know that cats like to be petted in the direction their fur grows, and they get pretty pissy if you pet them the wrong direction.

                                                  Most cats like to be petted...but every once in a while, there's a cat who insists on turning around.

                                                  People are like that, too.

                                                  Life is a lot easier if you don't spend your days looking for a reason to turn around.

                                      2. yes, but don't forget they are making up for it by making twin packs, two mini bars in one package so we can "save one for later." Oh yeah, I'm gonna get halfway through a package of candy and stop eating. And don't forget that they have supersize versions of the popular bars as well.

                                        marketing, a mystical, magical, marvelous world.

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                                        1. re: KaimukiMan

                                          They're getting rid of the king-sized bars, I'm pretty sure it was part of the same announcement.

                                          1. re: LongIslandChef

                                            You know, last time I bought a Hershey bar, regular size by the cash register, I started laughing. It's as thin as a PC circuit board, a joke. Thin as that does not taste the same as thick,and I'm only talking about what the 5 cents size used to be back in the day; not those monstrosities they sell now, that people seem to think are one portion. Is that the "king size"?

                                            1. re: coll

                                              I know what you mean about Hershey bars, I had the same reaction the last time I picked one up, and the reaction when I tasted it was even worse!!!

                                              Yes, The king size can be described as monstrosities, they are WAY too big for a single serving. They did serve a purpose though. I kinda like to freeze them, smash them up a little and share with my niece and nephew.

                                              1. re: LongIslandChef

                                                Guess they're too thick. They were the only ones that were palatable to me.

                                        2. Have you seen the Snickles recipe? http://www.chow.com/recipes/11059-sni...

                                          I have a mind to make these. They'll probably end up more expensive than Snickers (even with the size decrease) but I can use higher quality (and darker) chocolate.

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                                          1. re: ecclescake

                                            thank you so much for the link....nice jumping point!

                                          2. Wasn't it the scientist Stephen Jay Gould who did the study of prices/weights of candy bars?

                                            1. I feel manipulated. Can't believe that I'm paying the same for less.

                                              1. Sounds like something Paula Deen would do.

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                                                1. re: rochfood

                                                  I'm sure there's an executive at M&M/Mars who has diabetes. Let's drag him out, draw and quarter him, and put his head on a pike at the entrance to the village as a warning.

                                                2. "Is Mars snickering at us?"

                                                  Rim shot.

                                                  1. I don't care that candy bars are smaller... I care that they no longer taste good. They all have that gross PGPR stuff in them, and I just don't like them anymore.

                                                    Thanks, Mars, et al, for helping me with my waistline.

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                                                    1. re: visciole

                                                      Were mass produced American candy bars ever very good? I prefer high quality candies and chocolates. Just as caloric unfortunately, so my waist can't tell the difference.

                                                      1. re: tommy

                                                        Well, they were probably never "very good," but they were certainly better than they are now.

                                                        1. re: tommy

                                                          Wish I could go back in time, but I'm pretty sure chocolate used to taste a lot better. Or at least more real. When I was little, I preferred white chocolate because regular was so bitter. Was everything so sugarized then? Plus you got more of a flavor "profile" because there was something to bite into!

                                                          1. re: coll

                                                            Children are more sensitive to bitter tastes than adults. I didn't take up coffee or beer until I was 40.

                                                            The percentages of cocoa solids in milk chocolate, semisweet and bitter sweet have remained about the same over the years. . White chocolate is just cocoa butter with sugar and other 'additives, with none of the dark cocoa components that give color and bitter taste. Unsweetened chocolate (and cocoa powder) was also available for baking.

                                                            20 years ago I couldn't find any chocolate between unsweetened and bittersweet. Now I regularly snack on 72% chocolate (from Trader Joes), and buy up their limited supply of 85% chocolate. Plus there are manufacturers that produce 'single source' chocolates.

                                                            If you want real chocolate taste, there's never been a better time (for the ordinary American consumer).

                                                            I'm sure the percentage of cocoa butter in white chocolate has dropped over the years.
                                                            Last year I found that 35% cocoa butter is about as high as anyone goes. For a brief while Trader Joes carried a white chocolate from Columbia that had more cocoa butter.

                                                          1. re: ipsedixit

                                                            Thank you for posting that link. The waxy-ness and bland-ness of the chocolate is what has been bothering me for a few years now and why I don't eat them often anymore. Thought maybe it was just my tastes changing as I get older, seems like there's alot more to it...

                                                            1. re: LongIslandChef

                                                              That's what it is, "waxiness". I even notice it in Nestles chocolate chips, which is a shame. I've had to stop using them completely for certain recipes. Adding vegetable oil instead of cocoa butter..... I noticed all the oil listed on the label but didn't put 2+ 2 together. This quote says it all:

                                                              "I think anytime we're looking at increased costs, you're going to find more, shall we say, creative formulations to try to reduce the cost involved in producing a product," he said.

                                                              Cost trumps taste every time for big corporations.

                                                              1. re: coll

                                                                So have you found higher cost chips to use instead? Or are you one of those consumers for whom cost also matters? :)

                                                                1. re: paulj

                                                                  I used high cost chips this week. I stood in front of the baking chips, reading all the labels. My husband really enjoyed teasing me about it. But, I was using it to melt and dip some dried candied oranges, and wanted something good. I used the rest in brownies (only used about a third of the chocolate to dip).
                                                                  Usually, I use the chocolate that is on sale, but in this instance, I was just buying the chocolate, not any more ingredients that would add to the cost, so I splurged the extra $1 and got the better (IMO) brand. Guittiard???

                                                                  1. re: wyogal

                                                                    Cocoa butter, like butter, melts over a range of temperatures right around body temperature. That's what gives it that luscious mouth feel. But that is also what requires the fiddly tempering. If you don't melt and cool it right you won't get the smooth shiny surface. The latest Good Eats special on dark chocolate gets into this.

                                                                    Curiously when ATK did a test on white chocolate (with in the last couple of years) they preferred a brand that did not have pure cocoa butter. If I recall correctly they that the other fats (e.g. palm oil) made a 'chocolate' that was easier to melt and handle.

                                                                    If a chocolate product does taste waxy, I suspect they have added too much palm oil or other fat with a higher melting point. That may be easier to process, and not a susceptible to heat during storage (blooming), but at the expense of mouth feel.

                                                                    1. re: paulj

                                                                      I know how to temper chocolate. An inferior product may seize because of the added ingredients (processing, not mine), not necessarily because I did it wrong.
                                                                      Also, melting a more inexpensive product, especially white "chocolate" with something like sweetened condensed milk can be a hit and miss process.
                                                                      I've tried many chocolate chips, use them for different things. But when wanting a nice melt, tempered product, I will pay the $1 more for a better (IMO) bag.

                                                                  2. re: paulj

                                                                    I found higher cost chips that work, while still watching the price. I had to start using Ghiradelli for my rainbow cookies since they melt and set up as required for the topping, and don't crack like wax. I don't change brands on a whim, but when the time comes I am open to anything that works. Since I rarely buy anything that's not on sale, it's not the end of the world to pay 50 cents or $1 more. Better than throwing out half the cookies that fall apart.

                                                                    1. re: coll

                                                                      Or something that seizes... I agree.

                                                              2. re: ipsedixit

                                                                Yeah, and this report is a few years old, so they don't even mention the PGPR, which is really unappealing.

                                                                Seriously, I used to be a real candy bar fiend, I would eat pretty much any candy bar happily enough, and now, nope. I will spring for the more costly chocolate less frequently -- the cheaper stuff is simply not worth it to me.

                                                                I agree too about the choco-chips -- I get the Ghirardelli now. It's actually only a little bit more expensive than Nestle's or Hershey's and it really does taste much better.

                                                                I also think chocolates must contain more sugar now than they used to. I like me some sweets, but gah, they're just too sweet, and they didn't used to be so bad.

                                                            2. It is arrogant to think we hounds are that stupid. But on the other hand I was kinda disappointed. When I read the topic for this post I was thinking the planet Mars and picturing martians picking up our tv signals and such. :)

                                                              1 Reply
                                                              1. re: givemecarbs

                                                                and given the title, I was wondering about Venus, too.

                                                              2. wow just dont eat at all then...if food can make you that upset STOP eating right now. I'd attach a photo of what food looks like but I ate it all. ---Still laughing!

                                                                1. Lots of folks seem upset about this, but it is nothing new. Prices go up, portion sizes shrink....this is not a new phenomenon. I remember Mad Magazine satirizing this very same phenomenon 50 years ago. LOL.
                                                                  Sometimes it's annoying, yes: Yogurt containers going from 8oz to 6oz...canned tuna going from 7oz down to 5oz...and cookie packages going from 16oz down to 13oz. Sad to see, but it's not the end of the world. And it is easy enough to compensate.
                                                                  There are more important issues to worry about, IMNSHO.

                                                                  1. Homemade snickers can be made whatever size i want with whatever chocolate i want.

                                                                    problem solved.

                                                                    1. Candymakers are happy to reduce the size of their candy bars so they will look really puny compared to the King Size candy bars they'd rather sell you.

                                                                      Remember the days of deceptively large candy bar packages? Not any more. Now they WANT you to think it looks small or nobody would buy the bigger ones.

                                                                      3 Replies
                                                                      1. re: Steve

                                                                        But didn't someone just say they are discontinuing King Size? I've gotten away from pigging out on grocery store "chocolate" so I don't know for sure.

                                                                        1. re: coll

                                                                          Yep, no more King Size either. I'm sure they did a market analysis and realized the price of a single king size bar was about to eclipse the price the average consumer is willing to pay for a one off candy aisle treat.

                                                                          1. re: mpjmph

                                                                            i would agree about that... if i hadnt eaten an entire 5oz reeses last night in a major moment of weakness.... lol