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Feb 16, 2012 11:17 AM

Poor planning, too much leftover roast beef

I've got over 3 lbs of eye of the round left over and various upcoming events mean that we won't be able to eat much of it for the next couple of weeks. I've looked up recipes for using it up: shredding for enchiladas, slicing for stroganoff, chopping for soup. I've ground up a small portion for beef salad sandwiches but still have the majority to deal with.

The cupboard is a bit bare right now but I've got some packets of the IKEA cream sauce mix (that they use on their meatballs), beef broth, mushrooms, and a little sour cream. Thought I could make a sauce, slice the meat to serve over rice. But do I prepare this and freeze in small portions or keep the roast whole and thaw later? Would the small amount of sour cream be okay? (I don't have the cream the sauce packet calls for--thought a little s.c. would help thicken up the beef broth and milk I'll use.)

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  1. If you really can't use most of it, I would freeze of a piece (what you don't want to use for your beef dish with rice and sauce), and then thaw and portion for other meals later when your schedule has cleared for more home cooking.

    Cutting beef into portions - once cooked - or into pieces, slices, etc. will usually result in dry meat if frozen after cutting up.

    Not so sure about this sauce you are trying to make with IKEA mix. Why not just use beef broth, sauteed mushroom, and reduce (surely you have some dried thyme, etc. in spice cupboard), and use the sour cream to enrich beef/mushroom sauce to put over beef and rice (just warm the sliced /julienned beef in the sauce to re-heat), and put over rice. You may not need that packet at all....

    1. I would make a roux-based beef gravy, add sauteed mushrooms, and then gently (below a simmer) warm the beef slices in it so they don't get tough. Sour cream is optional but wouldn't hurt.

      1. Freeze the roast whole or in 1 lb portions as is, you never know what you might end up doing with it. Maybe a pot of chili, steak and eggs, Philly cheesesteaks or something you haven't heard of yet. But chili is where most of my excess meat ends up, if not this winter it's great with hot dogs in the summer.

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          I will definitely do that next time. But actually, I hope there never is a next time when I've got this much left over. I ended up slicing the whole thing very thin, making a mushroom gravy and then serving over rice. I can't stand the sight of it now, but my hubby is still eating it up happily. I thank God he doesn't mind eating the same thing night after night! He's having it again tonight and I'm going to make a sandwich for myself.

        2. I used this Stroganoff recipe last night and it is delicious! It calls for 1/3 c of sour cream

          The last time that I had a big piece of leftover cooked beef I froze it and ended up adding it to a beef barley soup that I made a couple of weeks later.

          1. Freezer archeology recently dug out half an eye-round roast I'd done MONTHS ago. That, a container of good beef stock from same freezer, along with some rolls and we had French dips. They were great!