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Feb 16, 2012 11:07 AM

Tuesday Late Night (after 11pm) Dining near Ace Hotel?

Hi Portland Chowhounds,

It's my BF's birthday next Tuesday and originally we planned to eat at Le Pigeon, but unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances had to change our flight to arrive at 10pm. Since our trip is short and its the birthday night, I'd still like to try to eat somewhere good after we arrive. My dream would be to just swing by Apizza Scholls and pick up a pizza to go, but it looks like we'll be arriving a little too late for that. Is there anything you'd recommend near the Ace Hotel for late night dining? The obvious answer would probably be Clyde Common, since it's right there, but I've read mixed reviews. We are not big drinkers, so food is the most important element. Should we just eat at Clyde Common? Or maybe Veritable Quandry? The food doesn't have to be fancy ... we could do take-out too.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. IMO, Clyde Common is a fine choice and by far the most convenient. My last meal there was great. I hate their grocery list menu, but I do really like their food. Their late night menu is more limited, though, if you get there after 11pm:

    Another great choice and definitely open late is Gilt Club:
    Chris Carriker is a really good chef.

    Le Pigeon has a sister restaurant with less adventurous, more traditional French food called Little Bird and it is both closer to your hotel and open late. More limited menu late night, but still solid food:

    We are not a late night dining town, your choices will be limited. These are some of the best and fairly close to your hotel.

    1. Oven and Shaker in the Pearl could satisfy both your late night and pizza needs:

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        Little Bird and Oven & Shaker both very good options, and close to your hotel. But very different menu's and restaurants, so peruse their websites and make a choice. Can't go wrong with either.

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          Thanks for the suggestions!

          Little Bird looks tempting, but since we'll probably be going to Le Pigeon later in the week maybe I should pass on that. Both Gilt Club (quail stuffed with foie?!) and Oven & Shaker look really good. I'm a big fan of 2nd dinners, especially while on vacation, so I may have to visit both during our stay! We have semi-early reservations for Ned Ludd one night, so I'll probably want a snack a few hours after the wood fired vegetable meal ...

      2. Yikes! I realized just now I never followed up with my question. As luck would have it our flight was delayed, so when we got in Clyde Common etc were all closed! We settled for slices of pizza nearby (don't remember the name) which satisfied our hunger, if nothing else. We had the Clyde Common burger for room service another night and it was very delicious.

        Thanks so much for your help and apologies for the EXTREMELY late follow-up.