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Feb 16, 2012 10:34 AM

A Quieter Portable Induction Cooktop?

I have a Fagor Casa Essentials portable induction cooktop- got it on CraigsList for $25 <grin>. It's wonderful, but the fan is a little noisy. For my second induction cooktop I'd like one with a quieter fan.

Fissler claims their "Cookstar Induction Pro" has a "whisper quiet fan", so that's an option. Has anybody used one and care to comment on the fan noise and other features or bugs?

Any other recommendations? I can't go above 1500-1800 watts because of the house's wiring.


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  1. We have the Magnaflux 1800 watt (13,000 btu) and it is fairly quiet. You can hear it but it is not what I would call a screamer.

    1. I would guess that the deeper the case, the quieter it will be. The Fissler looks deeper, as do several of the Max Burton pro models (e.g. $200 or more). Even if the power and electronics are the same, a shallower case will require a more powerful fan, just to more more air through the more confined area.

      Also with a more expensive unit they can use a higher quality fan.

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      1. re: paulj

        That's an interesting idea.

        I called Fissler and the man who answered the phone told me the fan is almost silent. The Fissler's case is 3" high.

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          I could potentially be in the market for a portable induction unit. *sigh* I will have an extended stay at a friend's apartment and I'm so not looking forward to part with my induction cooktop.

          Anyway, I'm just browsing right now. I looked at the Fissler CookStar Pro. It's made in Germany, which I really like, but it says "technic by Caso", which happens to be the exact one that W-S is selling also.

          Ugh, I may just suck it up and explore the local food scene.

          1. re: cutipie721

            It is likely that there are only a few companies making the innards for these portable cookers.

            1. re: paulj

              I read somewhere that Fagor and Electrolux make all the heating elements for the built-in induction ranges. I wonder if that's true for the portable ones?

              I finally settled on a Fissler Cookstar portable cooktop. I have their pressure cookers and am impressed with their quality. The induction cooktop is supposed to be very quiet, it has both Warm and Booster functions, and can be stored on its side to save counter space. I hope it's nice...

        2. May I ask a larger question? There are many brands of portable single-burner induction units on the market, with the same basic power, but widely varying prices. What is it that makes the prices vary so much, as in, should I just buy the cheapest one, or is there something about the more expensive ones that makes them worth more? If so, what is it? Any advice from anyone who has checked into this would be welcome.

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          1. re: johnb

            One variable is whether they are aimed at a consumer market, or professional. Compare for example the 4 Max Burton models. 3 have the same 1800w rating; the 4th is 220v.

            1. re: paulj

              That's true, but even within the apparent consumer brands there is large price variation. So it's still somewhat mysterious why that is, and whether it makes sense to spend more on a pricier one.

              1. re: johnb

                I recently bought my third induction unit. (The second one was accidentally ruined.) The third one is an Aroma brand $49.99 at Costco. It is a wee bit smaller in diameter than the other unit I own. But I like it and have used it everyday since I bought it - no complaints at all. I use both induction units a lot even though I have a glass/ceramic cooktop range.