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Feb 16, 2012 10:30 AM

Jam Cafe - Carlton & Ontario Streets

Jam Cafe is a gem. Toronto needs more small restaurants like this. Good quality food that doesn't break the bank. Two soups, two main courses, a shared dessert and a bottle of wine...with a generous tip $100.

I will most certainly be returning.

I'm tired of spending $200 plus for a dinner for two and feeling like we should be grateful at other Toronto eateries.

Maybe we should start a thread...Meal for 2 and Bottle of Wine for under $100.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The bit on their website with Jennifer Huether about how the chef paired some dishes with wine definitely caught my interest. The pricing seems very reasonable. I would like to hear more feedback from other people on the food and if anyone has been to their wine events.

      1. Add me to the fans of JAM. Laughably fair prices for the quality, and always a pleasant and homey experience. I would go more often except that because it is a small place with a tiny one-man kitchen, the menu is small.(see website for current menu and prices...amazing!) The fish special changes nightly, but we've eaten everything on the menu several times. All good, just I wish there were ten restaurants of its ilk downtown. There are not.

        1. I've been here many times, but had a meal with my family at JAM just this past Sunday, and if possible, the food is better than ever. The chef really knows how to cook meat. The chicken I had was perfect - moist, crispy-skinned - not easy to pull off. The appetizers were amazing - duck rillette and a decadent mushroom and cream dish with a crispy home-baked bisquit. Just tried Mistura last night (Winterlicious) for the first time, and while very good, and great service, honestly, I'd have to say the food at JAM is better-prepared, and more generous in portion. JAM is unpretentious, warm and still special enough in its atmosphere to make it a special occasion kind of place. They also have great wine nights which are a great deal.