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In White Plains...

First of all, the noodle shop across from Barnes and Noble has a sign which says "Noodles" and opening soon.

Secondly, across from Iron Tomato, there is a sign saying that Milonga Arepa and Tapas Bar will be opening. They already have a pretty spiffy looking website up: http://milongarestaurant.com.

Unless I missed something, I didn't see anything about arepas on the menu.

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  1. There is a restaurant called Lol's on Post Road which will be opening soon.
    Eclisse is gone and is now a italian pasta/pizza restaurant called Mullberry's.

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    1. re: kaaaassss

      Re the Eclisse spot...what makes someone think that yet another Italian place at that location (or in WP altogether) would be successful? How hard is it to figure out that the masses in Westchester are dying for a VIETNAMESE place? Be the first! Be the only! Make it good and the throngs will come!

      Rant over.

      1. re: Dim Sum Diva

        Hear, hear! We want Vietnamese food!

        1. re: Maryld

          I agree. We need variety. A nice casual french bistro would be lovely too.

          1. re: kaaaassss

            or how about a good fried chicken place, better yet one of those korean fried chicken that are supposed to be so good

            1. re: rich51

              Korean fried chicken sounds good too. I think there's Korean fried chicken place
              in Rockland County somewhere??

              1. re: Maryld

                Yes, there is a Korean fried chicken place in Rockland:

                BonChon Chicken
                45 Rockland Ctr, Nanuet
                NY 10954
                Tel : 845.623.5494

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                  I think there is a mexican and another pub going in on mamaroneck avenue on the corner of post road next door to Haiku

                  1. re: Maryld

                    Wow! Are you guys really aching to pay $1 for a single wing?

                  2. re: Maryld

                    bon chon in Nanuet and also in Northvale NJ

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                  I like Ambadi for takeout and all, but I think White Plains also sorely needs another sit-down Indian restaurant to replace Bengal Tiger.

            2. re: kaaaassss

              Any idea what kind of restaurant Lola will be?

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                Esposito's Restaurant and Pizzeria just opened on Mamaroneck Avenue, in the old Iannelli's spot. Looks like it might be related to the one in Valhalla? (http://espositosristorante.com) Anyone been to that one, any good? It'd be great if it as good as Iannelli's was.

                1. re: kdgchow

                  I saw the sign. I didn't realize they were open.

                  1. re: kdgchow

                    Tried Esposito's over the weekend with a family dinner. While not as good as Iannelli's, still a pretty good option for Italian-American in WP.

                    An appetizer of mozzarella in carozza might have been the best thing I had - triangles of cheese fried in an egg-based batter served with a marinara dipping sauce. They were light, not leaden, as too many deep-fried dishes can be. My wife ordered escarole and bean soup, which was good, if a little undersalted.

                    My main course of rigatoni with broccoli rabe and Italian sausage in garlic oil was fine - pasta wasn't overcooked, though the broccoli rabe might have been a touch overcooked. My wife had homemade gnocchi with pesto - very good, the gnocchi weren't gummy and pesto was rich. Also sampled a risotto dish with asparagus - very good, though definitely not undersalted.

                    Service, however, was very disjointed. We had ordered one of their grandma pies for the table and they had forgotten about it when we were served our entrees. They must have rushed to make it while we were eating, because the crust came out way too thick and doughy. Put it this way, the crust was much better on slices later reheated in the oven. The sauce and cheese were fine, though.

                    Oh, and you will not go hungry nor break the bank. Portions are large, and only the fish and seafood dishes reach the $20 range.

                2. Wonder if that means it's moving from its spot on North Broadway, or just opening up a new branch. Anyone been to the original?

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                  1. re: kdgchow

                    I tried Milongo at the North White Plains location -- it was a dead ringer for the now-gone Tango Grill. So I hope that holds up at the new location.

                    1. re: fweiler

                      Found out that "Butterfield 8" is the name of the bar and restaurant that will be going into the space next to Haiku on Mamaroneck Avenue. There is a Butterfield 8 in Connecticut.

                      1. re: kaaaassss

                        And NYC. Because what White Plains really, REALLY needs is another pub. Sigh. :-/

                        1. re: Mrs.Sean

                          LOL. I know. It is getting a bit ridiculous....

                          1. re: kaaaassss

                            Butterfield 8 is more of the same for Mamaroneck avenue. Lola's is owned by the same people as Butterfield 8. They have one in stamford as well, think Mexican/american Butterfield 8. Why is it so hard to attract serious food with reasonable prices to White Plains. It only takes a little effort and passion and not just making the most money per sq ft.

                            1. re: foodrink

                              That makes sense. I heard they are putting a Lola's Mexican restaurant in the same space as Butterfield 8. Supposedly they are splitting the space that was the old FedEx store into these two new places. There is also a Lola's opening at the end of Post Road where a sporting goods store used to be. There is a big sign that says coming soon Lola's. I was told that is a Dominican restaurant (I can't swear to that). Confusing. I guess we have to wait and see when they open...The same group that owns Butterfield 8 took over Eclisse on Post Road and it is now Mulberry Street. It seems as though this one group is expanding their empire into White Plains.

                              1. re: kaaaassss

                                Having worked on that block for a number of years, can you help my confusion? Are you saying there will be a Lola's across from McDonald's and another one two blocks up at the corner of East Post and Mamaroneck Ave?

                                1. re: Elisa515

                                  Yes. that is what I'm saying. The one by McDonalds has a sign on the outside saying Lola's bar and restaurant (that is the Dominican one) and the one on the corner of East Post is supposed to be Lola's Mexican Kitchen (there is one in Stamford)

                                  1. re: kaaaassss

                                    That's actually kind of hilarious.

                                    1. re: Elisa515

                                      I thought so too. Imagine the confusion.

                                      1. re: kaaaassss

                                        When I heard this was happening I went up to stamford to check out Butterfield 8 and Lolas and I was really impressed. Lolas mexican food and great atmosphere will bring something different to white plains and Butterfield 8 just blows me away at how many people it attracts for dinner and for nightlife. If your going out in stamford it seems like these are the two spots people flock too. If the rumors are true that there going to the old kinkos on mamaroneck ave that should be exciting for white plains, maybe not for the owners of the bars surrounding it but it seems like this owner or group is coming into white plains and making a statement.....only time will tell

                  2. Milonga has been open for a couple of years at their location in N. Broadway in WP. I doubt they are opening a second spot so would guess they are moving from that location to Mmk Ave.

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                    1. re: laylag

                      I went to Milonga on N. Broadway last Saturday and asked about the new location. They are, in fact, opening a new restaurant on Mamaroneck Avenue. It will be strictly Tapas according to the hostess. The original location will remain open for both tapas and dinner.

                      1. re: lisanicole

                        I walked past the Mamaroneck Avenue location the other day. The sign is up and it looks like it might be opening soon. Looking forward to trying it out.

                        1. re: lisanicole

                          Very interesting Lisa. Will be a nice change to have a non-pub option for drinks and a bite before or after a movie. Thanks for the info.

                      2. Re: Milonga Arepa and Tapas... same owner, different place. The actual restaurant that the website belongs to is pretty good, but is actually in North White Plains, on No. Broadway (near CVS and Post Office)

                        1. I was walking along Mamaroneck Ave. earlier today, and noticed that BUtterfield 8 was no longer covered by plywood. There was a sign saying there's a private event today and that they will be open next week.

                          I also saw that the former Music Plus Video store will become Ichiro Asian Fusion.

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                          1. re: djca

                            Great, because WP needs yet another fusion place, what with Asian Temptation and Haiku a whopping couple of blocks away.

                            Apparently, only chains, fusion joints and pubs are worthy of downtown WP. Just embarrassing when you consider that other, smaller communities in Westchester have more diverse options.

                            1. re: kdgchow

                              Milonga Arepa and Tapas Bar They are closed down already.

                              1. re: kaaaassss

                                Yeah, looks like they've been replaced by a Peruvian place, I think it's called Inkanto, or something. Might actually be promising.

                                1. re: kdgchow

                                  I wouldn't think that White Plains could support another Peruvian place. Aren't there two already?

                                  1. re: JMF

                                    I live in White Plains and restaurants open and close at an alarming rate. The ones that seem to stick around are the pubs on Mamaroneck Avenue. They are certainly more upscale then in years passed but they still are pubs.
                                    The old Seasons Japanese restaurant combined it's space with the dance club/restaurant next door and they are opening a restaurant. Have no information on what type. The old club space was around 10,000 square feet and in the seven years I have been in WP nothing has survived there. How can an even bigger restaurant make it?

                                    1. re: JMF

                                      There's El Miski on Post Road and Sunshine Pizza on Mamaroneck Avenue serves Peruvian food at night. Not sure if the Peruvian place on Main Street is still open.

                                      1. re: kdgchow

                                        I've been to El Miski many times, usually for lunch. Very good, homestyle Peruvian, large selection. Their soups are great.

                                        1. re: kdgchow

                                          Sunshine's lunchtime fresh pies are actually pretty good.
                                          I know Sunshine gets bashed on these boards a lot, but if I'm in the neighborhood,
                                          I almost always stop in for a Chicken Marsala or a Buffalo Chicken slice.

                                          I have to try El Miski on Post Road (for Peruvian).

                                          1. re: Cheese Boy

                                            Great ceviche, soups, just about everything. Old fashion 1950's diner style place, can get chilly during the winter, heat isn't too good.

                                            1. re: Cheese Boy

                                              Chicken and rice (sort of a fried rice thing, not arroz con pollo) is delicious at El Miski.

                                        2. re: kdgchow

                                          just called the number on InKanto on their Facebook page and I think I spoke to the owner -- I think I understood him to say that there was a split between owners and chef, and the placwe never opened.

                                        3. re: kaaaassss

                                          My husband and I almost went there but to be honest the menu wasn't very authentic so we decided against it. I just don't think "tapa" when it says their tapas are chicken quesadilla and ribs bbq. It's a shame because I love arepa's! Does anyone know what the deal with Lola's is? Are they open yet?

                                          1. re: mcookie

                                            They were supposed to open in October. They are owned by the same people that own Mulberry Street and Butterfield 8 and they saying soon. It's hard to get a peek inside to see how the work is progressing.

                                    2. Did Milonga reopen in downtown White Plains? The one in North White is now a boring expensive steakhouse.

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                                      1. re: Quill

                                        No-It did not. Sold to another restaurant and IIRC is now open.

                                          1. re: GIOny

                                            IIRC= If I remember (or recall) correctly

                                        1. And the latest chain restaurant that will open up shop in White Plains is Smashburger, on Rt 119 across the lot from AMF Bowling.


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                                          1. re: djca

                                            Ok, that's a good one. I've been wanting to try it.

                                          2. Saw a sign at the new building being constructed on Main St. across Walmart, that another Asian fusion restaurant called Wild Fusion is opening in White Plains. It seems to be related to the one in Mohegan Lake - http://www.thewildfusion.com/

                                            1. There is a smashburger in Mamaroneck. It is good for a chain. You can try it out before the one in White Plains opens up.

                                              1. At the White Plains Mall (AKA the mall that time forgot), there's a sign that says "Coming Soon: ASIA Indian Grocery and Jewelry" outside a closed-down comic book store next to McDonalds.

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                                                1. re: djca

                                                  Ah, my two favorite things in one place (food and jewelry).

                                                  1. re: foodiemom10583

                                                    just hope the food tastes better than the jewelry (gulp!) :-)

                                                    1. re: 51rich

                                                      I've seen some Indian jewelry that looks good enough to eat. ;)

                                                      1. re: foodiemom10583

                                                        I've had Indian desserts that have had a thin layer of silver foil on top.

                                                        1. re: chipmonger

                                                          perhaps that explains the saying "curses,foiled again" - aaargh, i couldn't resist (sorry ,in advance) *L*

                                                        2. re: foodiemom10583

                                                          Carrot Halwa is a dessert favorite for sure.
                                                          Don't forget that Indian gold is often 22K gold (very close to pure).

                                                          1. re: Cheese Boy

                                                            Since I tend to get kheer or rasmalai, I had carrot halwa for the first time last year. It's absolutely lovely. Calcutta Wrap and Roll in Ardsley makes a good one.

                                                            Yes, and the 22K is much softer, so I'm always hesitant to get it. I have one piece that I barely wear. I'm all about the gemstones, like polki and biwa pearls.

                                                    2. re: djca

                                                      This place, called Indian Spice, opened today. It's a pretty small spot. Not very impressive compared to Bhavik on 119.

                                                    3. Original Pancake House (http://www.originalpancakehouse.com/i...) is opening in White Plains at the corner of Hamilton Avenue and MLK, across from White Plains Mall and the Verizon building. Quite interesting that an IHOP/Denny's-like restaurant will open in that spot.

                                                      I got to try an OPH in Southfield, MI a couple of years ago, and got a really big German pancake.

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                                                      1. re: djca

                                                        I go to the OPH at least once every time I visit my in-laws in the Detroit burbs. It might be IHOP/Denny's-like, but it is MUCH better. It's actually one chain restaurant I don't mind coming to WP. That German pancake - and its smaller cousin, the Dutch Baby - is terrific.

                                                      2. After Googling around to find out what will be taking over the former Staples location across the County Center (SPOILER ALERT: it will be another CVS!), I also found out that "Shiki Yakitori & Sushi" is set to open at the former Beyond the Bagel spot at 187 Main Street. I don't know if it's related to "Shiki Hibachi & Sushi" in Stamford.