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Feb 16, 2012 09:54 AM

Restaurant in El Burrito Mercado ??

Going there to buy some things, is the restaurant food good ? any recs would be great, thanks.

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  1. I usually do the take out/to go but it is usually pretty solid. I would say the strengths have been the tinga, either beef or chicken, birria(maybe weekend only) refried beans with the chorizo, chales(the little chicharron) and the salsa bar in the middle. The carnitas can be spot on, but depends on the volume that day. They have really expanded the offerings in the last 3-4 years, and the middle pastry counter now houses the salsa and other items, and there are beans and things by the line for the counter with the tray service food.

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      What Mitch said. I love love love the birria and tinga, and have noticed a variation in the carnitas and wondered why - now I know. The tamales are pretty good, too, but I don't order them in the cafeteria line - instead, I get a big ol' plastic bag of frozen tamales for freezer lunches. Yum. On the down side, the rice and beans are good but not astounding, and the horchata is too sweet for my taste, but you can't have everything.

      Oh, and in nice weather, there's a corn wagon (I know, but that's what we call it) in the parking lot, but I suspect it's on hiatus during the winter. Make a note to return in the late summer for some elote - there's nothing like fresh-grilled corn with cotija cheese and chili when you eat it outside!

    2. I think the food is very good. Last time I had tacos de lengua. The time before spicy tinga de pollo quesidillas. Their salsa bar is very good. You can order in line cafeteria style and the people are very nice and answer any of you questions. Or you can sit down on the side to the left and order from a waitress. I would highly recomend this place.

      1. Excellent huevos rancheros. They usually have a huge cauldron of menudo simmering away - smells wonderful, just haven't had the courage to try it.