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Feb 16, 2012 09:47 AM

Fun place for B-day dinner for 15 yr old boys

Looking for a fun dinner spot for our 15 yr old son and a few of his buds for birthday dinner. Cuisine open. Fun atmosphere, good food. Both Downtowns, South, East metro.... Thanks!

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  1. I guess it depends what they're into, but I think sitting in the bar at Masu could be pretty fun for them. Good food, kung fu movies, casual.

    1. I have 12 and 17 year old boys so my recommendations are with them and their friends in mind.

      Hibachi/tepanyaki is always fun for a group - Ichiban or Osaka are my recommendations. Osaka is fun because they have a birthday song that they play with disco lights and have a Japanese mask for the birthday celebrant to wear. I also think even picky eaters can find something on a tepanyaki menu to eat.

      Masu Sushi and Robata is great if you know the boys are more adventurous. The boys will get a kick out of all the "Dunnys" that are used for decoration.

      1. Have they hit that stage where they can eat until you can't quite believe it anymore?

        If so, consider Fogo de Chao. Good party energy, maybe not the most spectacular cuisine but still quite tasty, perfect for a group of happy hungry young people,

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          Fogo de Chao would definitely work for teenage boys but it is pricy depending on the number of boys going.

        2. Price range is important. The kids would love Fogo, I'm sure, but that's not cheap.

          Psycho Suzi's would be fun for teenage boys, with good, accessible food. They have stuff like cheese curds, in addition to better than average pizza, plus theme rooms.

          Moto-i is another place that falls under "this would be really cool if I was 15" and also serves solid, accessible food.

          I'm pretty sure every teen likes the Malt Shop, just as the Malt Shop transparently despises every teen.

          1. Pat's Tap or Bryant Lake Bowl, perhaps?


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              I was thinking both Psycho Suzi's and Pat's tap, too. I only decided against recommending Pat's Tap based on that fact that it's fairly bar-ish and OP was asking for a dinner place making it even more that crowd. Likewise Suzi's, but I think either would be fun if you are ok with having your kid and (other peoples kids) in a drinking-centric environment. FWIW, I took four kids to Pat's Tap for lunch and it was fine. They loved it but even at that time they had to wait to play skee ball.
              The Lowbrow, maybe? No games but similar decor and vibe without the bar element.