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Feb 16, 2012 09:33 AM

Best Ice Cream Available at Whole Foods?

Thoughts? I've heard that WF carries a lot of unusual brands, but I'd like to hear what y'all consider worthy of the higher prices, etc. Open to all kinds of frozen confections, so could be soy/almond/etc as well as dairy-based. Thanks!

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  1. They carry a non-dairy coconut milk nased ice cream called so delicious that is excellent -

    1. Consider another store. Jewel now carries Blue Bunny, an Iowa ice cream. I have found Blue Bunny flavors to be pretty sweet but their Homemade Vanilla beats any other supermarket ice cream I've tried.

      1. No contest: Graeter's. Get anything with chips, which are really hunks of chocolate. Black raspberry chip is probably the most popular, but all are good.

        1. i agree with weinstein5 on the so delicious coconut milk ice cream ... totally drool worthy ... i crave it. just the simple vanilla or plain chocolate flavors, so creamy and light almost like mousse, yuuuummmmmeeeeee! wish i had some now! also there is a brand that i found at ralphs ( ca central coast) that absolutely blew my mind ... snoqualmie honey cinnamon frozen custard ... omg. it is THE most amazing ice cream i have EVER had, seriously, go find it and DEVOUR!!! (bonus that it's made in snoqualmie, washington - one of the most beautiful places in the usa! ... imho)

          1. Not sure this is something to be proud of...but tried just about all of them, and must agree with Graeter's. Raspberry chocolate and peach are a couple of our favorites.