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Feb 16, 2012 08:20 AM

Is Tilsiter cheese available anywhere? [Detroit area]

Is Tilsiter cheese available anywhere? (the stinkier the better) Years ago it was available at Plum Hollow Market in Southfield or at the Alexander & Hornung deli stores. Occasionally, I find it in Windsor - but it is an awfully mild sort, more like Havarti. Any leads?

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  1. I would try Papa Joe's in Birmingham or Zingerman's in Ann Arbor...both have large cheese selections. Sometimes you find a prize at Trader Joe's.

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      You might also try stores specializing in European or specifically German imports. Nitsche's meat, in Shelby Township, is one. I'm sure there are others in the metro area (without having to go to Frankenmuth). I see a lot of German products at the Polish Market (Hamtramck, Troy, Macomb twp) but I'm talking about jarred sauerkraut/pickles/jam type products; never looked at their cheese section, sorry.

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        If you are in AA checking Zingerman's you might as well check Morgan and York over on Packard too.

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          +1 on Zingerman's and Morgan & York -- they'll be your best bets in the area

          Whole Foods for sure does not carry it.