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Feb 16, 2012 07:41 AM


I go to Myrtle Beach every year, but this year is a little different. My fiance is doing a fitness competition and training for body building. Our usual beer, cheese burger, etc joints that we frequent are OUT of the question. I am looking for some place that I can get good fresh seafood that is not fried. This can be a market where I buy my own and cook in the condo or some where that does good steamed seafood. Let me rephrase my question to not offend any local residents. I am looking for preferably grilled or steamed sea food. We have to stay away from oil, butter, and heavily salted food.

We are staying on N Ocean Blvd in Myrtle. I am willing to drive to N Myrtle and if I have to down to Murrel's Inlet if it's some place worth it!

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  1. "It is really hard to come by good seafood that is not drowned in sauce/salt or fried!"
    Interesting that you THINK that is true. I very seldom eat fried seafood and have no problem finding delicious food in the South End of the strand. I can not evn think of one place down this way that doesnt give you options of how you want your seafood cooked.

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      It may be the fact that I never have looked for this type of food as much..visiting the same 10 places every time I go! I do know that the time I've ordered the broiled version of a seafood platter instead of fried, the portion is less, and usually bland. If you have any suggestions of places I can find local seafood I'd appreciate it! No need for harsh words or capitalizing, everyone has different experiences based on where they've eaten!

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        PS I read every post about seafood in MB before posting that. I've also read reviews on urbanspoon, yelp, trip advisor, etc before going here. I did not see any questions regarding grilled/non fried seafood..they were mostly just looking for fresh which no doubt can be found at places such as Mr. Fish and Russells in Murrel's Inlet..I just know that sometimes Mr. Fish's was a little greasy when sauted!