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Feb 16, 2012 07:08 AM

Bymore Taqueria - Eastside St. Paul

I've never seen it mentioned on CH before, but I've eaten at this place a few times recently. It's very good, very clean, a solid mom-and-pop operation. Excellent tacos, enchiladas..... has a nice fixin's bar where you can put whatever salsa and stuff you want on your taco.....

Give it a try if you're in the area. It's on Payne Ave., just north of Phalen Blvd., on the Eastside of St. Paul.

By More Taqueria
870 Payne Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55130

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  1. Good to know - will have to give this place a try.

    1. A nice sized Torta for the price as well. I live over by Phalen Park and this is our go to spot for Mexican when we're in the mood. The torta isn't as flavorful as some others I've had around the metro, but its a solid option when in the mood and don't feel like driving.