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Feb 16, 2012 06:53 AM

Heading to Mystic CT(staying in Groton) with 2 kids

We are heading to Mystic with an 8 and 4 yr old...looking for dinner suggestions with the kids, . They are good eaters and well behaved, Also, any lunch ideas? We are coming from Westchester, NY so if there are any dont miss along the way places would love to hear thise as well.

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  1. S&P Oyster

    Mystic has a ton of good places in my opinion for the family. Coming from Westchester NY you'd probably want to avoid Mystic Pizza unless you're a huge fan of the film(which is played on a loop as it's a tourist destination) because the pizza is not New york worthy.

    I like AZUs which is in the center of the town. I like S&P Oyster Restaurant (never had the oysters or any seafood there though) which is right by the famed drawbridge and a nice place to eat outside in great weather. I've never eaten at Bravo Bravo but heard praise about it. I ate at Pizzetta's and wanted to like it but it's not that good ( in my opinion). I've eaten at a few other restaurants there and they were all okay, but Azus and S&P are standouts for me.

    In good weather my family likes to get ice cream from the Drawbridge Ice Cream shop where you can get sandwiches as well. But I think the ice cream there has gotten a little pricey but since there's no carvel or other ice cream chains in my area I don't know if it's the norm anymore.

    Hope this helps. Lots of solid places out there.

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      Thanks so much for the good info..QUestion., would you reccommend S&P Oyster House over Mystic Oyster Club?

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        We have eaten at both. I liked the Oyster Club MUCH better that S&P Oyster as far as the food goes. It is a beautiful restaurant, small, more upscale than S&P Oyster. Maybe S&P would be more family friendly. S&P Oyster House does have a great bread pudding.

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        I am curious if Mystic Pizza is the same owners as when the movie was being filmed.

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          There is another, and I think better, ice cream shop in town, across the street and a few doors away from the river. Can't think of the name, but you can't miss it. In the summer they offer really, really great gelato.

          I agree with the others that the the Bravo/Azu/Olio group are wonderful!

        2. Near Old Mystick Village, I'd suggest Go Fish and across the street is Peking Tokyo (sushi/Asian).

          Nickmerrill suggests Azu and Bravo Bravo (which also have a sister restaurant in Groton called Olio) however, I they're not really places I'd take young children.... higher end fare and small quarters.

          1. Azu in downtown Mystic is upscale but fine for kids for lunch or an early dinner. Bravo Bravo also. Both are owed by the same restaurant group. Go on line and they have a contest where you can get a small discount off your meal. Just google one of the names and it will come up. There other restaurant Olio is on the way to Mystic. All 3 are great. After dinner take your kids for ice cream by the draw bridge. Enjoy

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            1. We also like Daniel Packer Inn. Azu and Bravo Bravo are both good. Peking Tokyo is very good. If you are near Mystic Aquarium in the Mystic village (where all of the stores are) there is a little sandwich shop, Brie Blue (I believe that is the name. They specialize in grilled cheese. I love it there for lunch. You can also buy nice cheesesand breads there and beautiful cupcakes. Just a thought for lunch!

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                The cheese shop is called "Bleu Squid"...

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                  Thank you, I was sort of unsure of the name!!


                Right in Groton on water not fancy but good and great bread

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                    I was going to recommend Paul's too. It's a great choice for dining with kids - either lunch or dinner - and less than 10 minutes from Mystic.
                    As an update to info upthread - as of last weekend, the Drawbridge ice cream shop had a sign in the window saying they are closed until the sun is shining again (or something to that effect). We ended up at the place across the street and the ice cream was dreadful - very icy and you could tell it was stale and had been sitting there for a while. I had their special spicy hot cocoa and that was good.

                    1. re: candaceb

                      Well, I hope you get to try the gelato in the summer!