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Orlando - Best Mexican Restaurant

Had the best burritos at Tijuana Flats - hands down, everything else in Orlando pales in comparison.

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  1. where else have you gone? for comparison :)

    1. My mother always told me if you don't have anything nice to say....

      I do like their burritos, especially if I make it "wet" with the red chipotle sauce

      IMO, best Mexican (it's a low bar), is the original Taquitos Jalisco in Winter Garden/Ocoee

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        I'm in agreement with Sam here. Although I've never been to the original, the restaurant they used to have on Hiawassee had the best, most authentic, tacos I've ever had in Florida. Very similar to stuff I'd eat when I lived in Mexico City.

        If you're looking for TexMex I had a good meal at Garibaldi.

      2. I love Tijuana flats! I enjoy their tex mex spin on flautas.

        But TF is more a Tex-Mex casual and fun place. It's not an authentic Mexican restaurant.

        I think some of the tex-mex options available are better than the others.

        Tex-Mex Flautas with guacamole and Chili con queso dip

        Fish Taco - I hope they take that off the menu.

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          I hope you get a chance to visit Texas one day for real Tex Mex it will blow your mind <3

          1. re: pdpredtide

            My great aunt is Mexican and lives in San Antonio. I've visited there. Nothing in Orlando compares to what is there.

            and nothing I've ever tasted compares to my aunts tamales.

        2. Perfect timing for this thread, as last night I returned to one of my old favorites in my old part of town -- Chilango's, on State Road 434 in Winter Springs, near where Winter Springs turns into Longwood and Casselberry. I'm proud to say that I was the first person to review them on Chowhound several years back, and even prouder that they still have my four-year-old review printed out and framed on the wall of their restaurant.


          Anyway, the food is still incredible. I was ordering takeout this time: a taco salad for my wife (which turned out to be the biggest and most beautiful taco salad either of us have ever ordered in town), and a lengua (tongue) torta and two tacos for myself. At Chilango's, unlike most other Mexican restaurants, you can order your tacos on hard or soft corn tortillas, and get them American style (shredded cheese, lettuce, and tomato) or Mexican style (with just finely-diced onions and cilantro). The torta was outstanding, and my two tacos (cochinita pibil and chorizo, Mexican style on soft corn tortillas, of course) will be lunch today.

          Sra. Silva, the owner and chef, remembered me even though I moved out of the area and unfortunately hadn't been in for a long time, but she gave me three tamales, her newest menu specialty, completely free, just because she is generous and awesome. Tamales are hard to make and even harder to make right, but she started making them to meet popular demand, and Chilango's has three varieties: pork in green sauce, chicken in red sauce, and poblano chili and cheese (like a chili relleno in tamal form). Once again, that's my lunch, and I love me some tamales!

          I can't say enough good things about this restaurant and the fine family who owns it. Like another one of my local favorites, pizzeria/Italian/Thai restaurant Del Dee Bistro (soon to move and reinvent itself as Bistro 436), I love the food and the people who make it, and want to support them as best I can.

          Chilango's is a tiny place, easy to drive by without even noticing, but anyone in town who craves authentic, cheap, and delicious Mexican food (NOT Tijuana Flats-style Tex-Mex, where everything is covered with mounds of neon orange cheese and sour cream) needs to give it a chance. They're as good now as they were four years ago, if not better, and I still have yet to find Mexican food I've liked more anywhere in the Orlando area.

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          1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

            i need to visit soon!! congrats Lou on having your review posted up!! its on their website too!

            1. re: pdpredtide

              Just took a look a their Spanish menu. Cannot wait to check this place out! It looks really authentic. Thanks for the recommendation. Since moving to Orlando 5 years ago I've been so disappointed by the lack of great Mexican food and its great to find something new.

              And I love their name! Chilango is slang for anyone from Mexico City.

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              By the way, the new tamales at Chilango's are great, but the highlight by far is the poblano chili and cheese tamal -- everything you love about a chili relleno, rolled up into a tamal instead of being batter-dipped and deep-fried!

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                Mexican is a very broad culinary spectrum and most what you get here in florida is americanized to the point it's not mexican. To get real mexican you have to go to a tortilloria(i think that is the splling) or a taquria. I know there is small tortilloria chain run by a mexican family that has mexican groceries and a restaurants in the same place Its called tortilloria la mexicana . One is in Winter Garden and one is in Eustis and there is another one because the eustis location is #3. You want "authentic"? lets talk about torta's (mexican sandwich) and fried whole fish with a side of pork rind or cow tounge taco's with no lettuce and tomato and just onions, fresh cilantro and slices of lime. This place has traditional taco's and burritos and the quesodilla's are the bomb. the menus also has grilled steaks and sizzling mixed grill platters that are really good and lets not forget som good ole mexican steamed cactus on the side..they have a meat counter as well where you can buy pre-marinated steaks and chicken to take home and THE BEST tortillas I have ever had! I can taste the hint of lard now;)

            3. I like taquitos Jalisco, But would also recommend. Taco palenque. Just downthe road in winter garden. Reasonable prices, fresh authentic food, the condiment bar is loaded withe a variety of fresh toppings for your meal , and a super nice owner to top it off, glad to say they are thinking about expanding to a second location.