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Feb 16, 2012 06:23 AM

Crawfish in May

Hello All,

I will be coming down to NO for a conference in early May. I was wondering if that is Crawfish season. If so, where are some places to get some ?


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  1. Yes it is, season is typically from Jan to July, but they are best from april to may. Are you looking for someplace thatyou can order them and sit down and eat, or would you be looking for someplace to buy some to bring elsewhere to eat

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    1. re: roro1831

      Would be looking to sit and eat and have a few beers. I have had them at the French Market, but wonderng where else.

      1. re: ScoobieSnack

        Cooter Brown's, Frankie and Johnnie's, Deanie's, i'm sure there will be other places by then that are doing boiling on a rgular basis by May

        1. re: roro1831

          Maybe we got a bad batch or something but we got Crawfish at Deanie's last june and it really tasted and smelled off. Oddly enough though, while we didn't get to try them, the crawfish at Daisy Dukes looked and smelled amazing,

    2. Lucy's on Tchoupitoulas has crawfish on Friday's at 4 PM. Ernst Cafe on S Peters usually has crawfish too.

      1. IMO, K-Jeans on Carrollton (3 doors down from Brocato, on the corner) are very good. Takeout only. Pay the extra $ for "select". Peak season is usually Jazz Fest.

        1. I just spoke yesterday with my Ace Source (his brother is a rice/crawfish farmer in basile) and was told that it should be a "decent" year but nothing remarkable. the stuff he is seeing around Lafayette is small right now. But by May you ought be be OK, depending on how hot it gets and how soon. Usually the season ends in late May/early June