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Feb 16, 2012 06:23 AM

Excellent meal at B Street last night

Given that there are not a lot of B Street references/reviews posted I thought I would give a quick recap of my dinner last night. Small place, but well put together and drew a good crowd even for 7:30 on a Wednesday night. Definitely a bit of an older crowd, which I prefer anyways. Sat at the bar and ordered a vodka gimlet. I was very impressed by the bartender's attention to detail (asking whether I wanted real lime juice or bottled, etc.). It was by far the best vodka gimlet I've had in the city to date (had an absolutely terrible vodka gimlet at Eastern Standard a week or so ago-btw). My friend ordered the margarita off the drink menu. Excellent choice and very well made.

Dinner choices were lamp chops for me and the duck special for my friend. I do not typically order lamb, so I wasn't sure I would even like it, but it was fantastic! A perfect portion of the incredibly good cherry balsamic glaze was drizzled over the lamb and on the plate. The baby spinach and cannellini beans were a perfect pair on the side. I tried a piece of the duck, which was reportedly a bit tougher than he's had in the past, but otherwise VERY good.

Overall great experience and would definitely go back. I've seen complaints on other websites about the speed of service. Personally I don't mind if it takes a while to cook my meal - I would much prefer they do it right and take their time than have everything pre-made and out in a flash. But regardless, service was not an issue in the slightest last night. A+ meal and experience.

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  1. i just bought a groupon to b street and live right in newton center, so i've been exited to try it there. the lamb sounds delicious!

    i'm also glad to hear the drinks are good - was there anything else noteworthy on the drink menu?

    1. Had a nice brunch there, split a good salmon sandwich w/ great cole slaw, a side of monkey bread and some crazy mocha parfait type dessert. It's a pleasant space for a casual meal.

      1. Great report - thanks! I ate lunch there and it was fine, but nothing special, so dinner sounds like a treat...