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Feb 16, 2012 06:21 AM

Anybody been to Cure?

Have read mostly good things about Cure in Lawrenceville on some of the other restaurant sites, but have yet to see it mentioned on Chow. Anybody been? Thoughts?

Thinking of going in the next few weekends. From what I read, it sounds a lot like a great restaurant I went to in Toronto last year, Black Hoof. If you ever go to Toronto, I highly recommend paying a visit to Black Hoof. Location sucks. But, particularly if you are a meat eater, it's worth the trip.

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  1. Cure is the name of the restaurant? I never heard of this restaurant as of yet. Its in Lawrenceville? I'll check it out and let you know. The restaurant isn't getting much PR. I did not know of it.

    1. I've been, just never got around to putting a write-up on my site. I still might but the lighting sucked and the GM wouldn't move us to a better table because she said a larger party was coming in for it.

      The apps, and entrees were all very, very good. A similar rustic/comfort vibe to Root 174 but the dishes are a bit less playful.

      Salumi plate is a fun app to share if you're into cured meats.

      Cheese plate - 3 selections (Blue, Epoisses, Midnight Moon) I really liked the epoisses but thought it was a bit boring with just toasted almonds and a few prunes.

      Chocolate Soufle - pass, had a few's not bad for dessert, it's just not memorable. I would try something else.

      Interior is cozy, a bit cramped and the music can get too loud - just ask them to turn in down. I believe they will.

      Less this sounds like a negative review, let me again mention that the apps and entrees were good enough that I would visit again if I were in the area.

      There's an open kitchen with a bar in front, I'm not sure if it's supposed to be additional seating, but I would try to sit there if I made it back.

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        Thanks for the report. Going tomorrow night. Excited for the beef heart tartare.

        1. re: Whigsboy

          Please report back Whigsboy.. There was some build up for this place and once it opened.. I have heard nothing. Excpet for service issues, saying the staff were very snobish or entitled