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Feb 3, 2001 02:47 AM

Good seafood restaurant in Sacramento

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I'm looking for a good seafood restaurant in the Sacramento area, especially if they have steamed clams, lobster or cioppino. It must also be children friendly.


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  1. child friendly in a GOOD seafood restaurant?What about Long John Silvers?

    1. there's a place on highway 50 on the way to tahoe called rudy's hideaway. been there forever and not too fancy and loud so i'm sure children would be ok. known for it's lobster (i had a marvelous, HUGE tail on my birthday) and i believe they have cioppino some nights

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        I have been to Rudy's several times. The location is in a not so attractive part of Sacramento, right of Highway 50. The lobster specials are good, huge lobsters with whatever you want with it.
        The decor of the place feels and looks sort of like a updated darkish trailer, in other words, eat your lobster and go somewhere else for ambience.

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          For some reason, I'm determined to get you into an oriental restaurant. Maybe it's because they're always so tolerant of children. Anyway, just down Folsom Blvd. from Rudy's is Samurai Sushi. You can see it from Highway 50. They have a full Japanese menu, not just sushi. The only thing I was ever disappointed in was a dish made with boned chicken breast. They left the skin on and it was very fatty! I've had some very good food in this restaurant. It's pleasant and well lighted and the staff is very attentive.

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            I am way over Samurai Sushi. The quality of their sashimi has gone downhill, and it's not a pretty sight to have sashimi gone downhill.

            Why are you pushing OP way out into the burbs? If you must, how about Maritime Seafood in Carmichael?

            Maritime Seafood & Grill
            6440 Fair Oaks Blvd, Carmichael, CA

        2. If you want seafood, how about putting a Chinese spin on it? Ocean King on Stockton Blvd. near Lemon Hill has gotta be the place. Try the Lobster in garlic and butter with cheese. Honest!! It's not on the menu so just ask Fiona, the manager, for it. They have lots of live seafood - crabs, clams, scallops, shrimp, bass, etc. and are very accomodating about fixing it any way you like. The restaurant is very popular with large Chinese and Vietnamese families and you'll frequently see kids all over the place.

          1. Just left Rudy's this evening and was very disappointed! Child friendly, new decor (the seats had new upholstery and there is some great artwork of enamel on metal) but the lobster was overly salty and super chewy. We had to send the first one back because I couldn't even cut through it. The second one was better but not much. I had to literally tear it up using my hands since I couldn't get enough leverage with a knife and fork. The steaks were ok, not great. The chowder lukewarm, overly thick and not much in it. The best part of the meal was the french fries that came with my nine year old's kid meal (almost as good as burger king's and the same type of fry). Our drinks from the bar were strong but not properly proportioned and the escargot was overly dry. The pasta that comes with dinner was a bit bitter (their sauce could use some brown sugar) and the lobster ravioli had shell bits in it. All in all, not worth the price. Mediocre food. Great service. Nice atmosphere. Maybe a good place to take someone you don't like on their birthday. Oh- cioppino IS on the menu. hope it's good. They have lobster $14 a la carte on Thursdays so maybe go then?

            1. Fins. One in midtown,Fair oaks and Roseville. They have steamed clams and lobster plus more different fish than anywhere else. Old school casual. Kids very welcome. I don't see ciopinno on the menu, but it may be a special..give em a call.

              As far as Ciopinno goes and kid friendly, Rudy's is about it. They are very hit and miss however. So much miss that I have not been there in loong time.

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                I second Fins, especially with kids. Scott's is good for fancy dinners, but is not a good value in my book and is not kid-friendly. For good cioppino one must drive west about 100 miles to San Francisco.