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Feb 16, 2012 05:57 AM

Where to get Giblets and Gizzards

Where can I buy just the gibletsand gizzards. Have been asked to test an Italian recipe that calls for giblets, gizzards, cocks comb and testicles. Am quite willing to forego the two last ingredients.
I don't want to buy 3 chickens to obtain the innards either.

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  1. Most grocery stores sell containers of livers and wrapped packages of gizzards and hearts in the meat section by the chicken.

    1. First up, check the recipe. "Giblets" is a generic term for chicken offal. It includes the heart, gizzards and liver - there are no additional parts called "giblets." Now here's the good news: packs of chicken gizzards are available from most supermarkets, usually near the chicken livers. If you have any difficulty finding them - you shouldn't - go to a supermarket in a neighborhood with a big Latino community. But they aren't scarce. They're cheap too.

      If you were set on getting coxcombs or testicles, your best bet might be one of several live chicken markets in town, like this one: Just google for them.