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Feb 16, 2012 03:34 AM

Plan Check on Sawtelle Blvd. - Burgers, Pastrami and Crullers - Oh My!

I noticed this place just a little while ago as I pedaled by on my bike. According to Grub St LA it is going to feature burgers and crullers: Looks interesting. I couldn't tell if it was open yet but the sign was lit and it looked ready. Just north of Granada Market and Tempura House on the same (east) side of the street.

According to Grub Street the menu will include items such as:

"pastrami nosh," with double-smoked, double-spiced pastrami placed on an upside-down bun balancing a fried egg, with kimchi mustard and melted cheese and a burger sporting blue cheese and thick bacon, along with a Southern sandwich of fried Jidori and duck ham with green pimento cheese.

The sandwiches can be followed up with desserts like a "swirly banana cream cruller"

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  1. Sorry for the misspelling of the name in my title. It is actually "Plan Check" and I've asked the CH Team to correct it for me. Here is the website: and I do note it's not quite open as of yet. The menu looks terrific. This place, if the cooking lives up to the menu descriptions, ought to be a roaring success. It will be a great option for late night eats as well. Till midnight during the week and until 2 AM on the weekend.

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      Servorg thanks for the heads up. This menu looks Great! I want that SOUTHERN FRY sandwich with smokey fried jidori chicken, spicy green pimento cheese, duck breast ham & pickles now.

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        The other good thing is it's outside the crazy busy part of Sawtelle, so parking should be at least somewhat possible (?) by comparison to all the places closer to Olympic and La Grange.

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          I also see that BIM had a brief mention of Plan Check here: (which I would have found before if I had had the name right in the first place...that's what comes of seeing a place at 2 AM on your bike and then trying to type and think at 4 AM)...

    2. LA Weekly reports that it will open on February 22. That's next Wednesday

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        The best laid "plans" of Plan C? ;-D>

      2. Official opening date is Feb. 22nd. Oh I see that PaulF beat me to it. Never mind.

        1. Drove by last night - Soft opening was going on.

          The place was PACKED. Gotta try it soon, to separate the food from the hype.

          1. Tried it. Will go back, but I can't say I was floored by anything. Fries were good, solid. Not the best, but better than most. (we finished them). The burger - hm. I'd like to try it again, but it had something they call "ketchup leather". I'm not sure how they make it, but it seems like a ketchup chew - like it was dried on a plate and peeled off. Too one-note tasting. Real ketchup is - despite the reputation - pretty great stuff - tomato, sweet, vinegar tang. Would prefer to try the burger without that. Pulled the taste in a direction I didn't enjoy. One thing about burgers - they can be a palate which you can paint with many flavors. This was not one I particularly liked (like sun-dried tomatoes - I can enjoy them in moderate or less than moderate amounts). Might hold the pickles too, but I think it was the tomato leather that skewed the taste and my enjoyment of it.

            The pastrami was a heart-attack on a plate. I'm taking statins, but I felt no comfort knowing that. Greasy meat, with cheese topped with a fried egg? But for me - that was the more successful sandwich of the two. I liked it. In a better frame of mine (like drunk at 2:00 am) I might have craved it and loved it. Like a Tommy's chili burger - you gotta get a little f***ed-up to pay the toll in your head to let that slippery-slider get sucked down the gullet. Might try it next time without the egg - the pastrami part itself seemed to be very good.

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              Had similar impressions myself, was expecting to love it but ended up only liking it. My wife really did enjoy the Southern Fry, but she had to send it back to the kitchen when it was first brought out because the chicken was actually raw in the middle (good thing she cut the sandwich in half first). My older daughter liked the Chef's Favorite Burger, but she got the ketchup leather on the side and didn't like it either.

              I got the Pastrami Nosh, and from previous posts about it, I was expecting to be blown away, but I wasn't. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy it, but wasn't as great as I thought it'd be. Also, I wish our waiter had pointed out the Specials blackboard tucked in the corner of the place. I saw a Lamb Burger that looked interesting but only after we had ordered.

              A few kinks, like the aforementioned raw chicken, the fact we ordered regular fries and was brought out the sweet potato fries by accident, the fact that we didn't get our drinks (housemade yuzu and mango sodas were excellent) until nearly halfway through our meal, kind of turned us off too.

              1. re: PeterCC

                I, too, find Plan Check disappointing in most ways.

                However, the bar is truly great, I've had nothing but interesting, well-made drinks and good suggestions from the barkeeps.

                The regular menu is simple, the specials tend to be quite interesting and creative (escobeche on a burger).

                But the food just doesn't make it to great for me. It's good, but that's it.

                1. re: Ciao Bob

                  i thought the folks at the bar were very nice and helpful people. the drinks, however, were a little on the sweet side.

              2. re: foodiemahoodie

                You can always ask for them to keep the ketchup leather off, they won't kick you out for asking for alterations of their food ;)). BTW, it's supposed to be a play on fruit roll ups. A lot like Animal, the chef seems to bend toward stoner food-flavor bombs. I have no problem with that. Maybe you just don't get or appreciate the concept.