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Feb 15, 2012 11:31 PM

Taka Sushi-Summit

Mr. diva and I have normally enjoyed this restaurant for serviceable sushi in the area. Last Monday night, though, we received sub-par service. You be the judge. This restaurant says that it closes at 10 p.m. We arrived at 9:25, not anticipating any problems. As soon as we walked in the door, we were told that the "last call" for food was at 9:45. We put our order in well before the announced "last call" time, but we were still very rushed. Our server dropped the check at about 10 p.m., and insisted on taking a card right then. As a person who has worked in food service before, I think that a restaurant should seat patrons up until the closing time. What do you all think? I am very inclined to lodge a complaint. We were treated as if we were imposing on this restaurant. If they want to close earlier than the announced hours on a slow night, then they should do so. We had a very unpleasant dining experience, and I would want others to avoid that.

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  1. Sushi rule number one...never eat sushi on a Monday. Especially at 9:45.

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        I wondered the same thing. I am assuming a freshness concern. No deliveries on Monday?

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          I'm also assuming that coldbeer is raising a freshness concern. To me, that would be more of a worry on a Sunday. However, my query to fellow chowhounders had much more to do with how restaurants in suburban NJ treat "late" diners than it did with the freshness of the fish, if we can designate those who arrive more than thirty minutes before the stated closing time as "late." In my opinion, if a table arrives well before the advertised closing time, its members should be treated courteously. There is no excuse for the unprofessional service we received.

          For what it's worth, mr. diva and I were also treated poorly recently at Casa Maya in Meyersville when we arrived at 8:15 on a night that they posted a closing time of 9:00. I guess I'm sick of NJ restaurants' employees rushing people out who arrive within an hour of when said restaurants purport to close. Just another reason that I'd rather spend my dining dollars East of the Hudson.