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Feb 15, 2012 11:21 PM

Need Vegas Foodie Advice for march trip

My husband and I will be visiting Vegas this upcoming March. I've been reviewing threads and reviews to find at least 3 great places to go for dinner and 1 lunch place-I need some help! We're serious foodies who used to live in San Francisco- Im not interested in what appear to be showy places with outrageous price tags-If I'm paying $999.00 PP at Joel R I'll do so in Paris- not Vegas! I have a difficult time swallowing price tags heftier than French Laundry with knowledge I'm eating In a casino-not YOUNTVILLE. So-with that- where can we find an authentic foodie experience (sans gold limo) where were paying for the value of the food and wine-not the show!
BOUCHON? Sage? L'atelier? Milo's? Please help!

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  1. Bouchon is amazing anytime...I prefer their brunch..sit out on patio if weather permits. Dinner worthwhile.

    Le Cirque..worth the price and the hype.....

    Lotus of strip, pedestrian interior, food amazing

    1. See my just posted "Recent Las Vegas Dining". Rao's is located in Cesars and Milo's in the Cosmopolitan.

        1. A second endorsement for Lotus - off the strip but amazing and reasonable prices. On the strip, Sage is pretty darn good. Haven't been to Raku yet but have heard it is amazing. Have been to e by Jose Andres and that is also a unique experience that is well worth the $250 tab.

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            There is a Lotus of Siam a few blocks from my apartment in NYC which I find to be just okay. I remember hearing that the one in Vegas was much better...?

            What do you all think of Rao's?

            1. re: lavendula

              A previous post stated that Lotus of Siam in NYC is no longer affiliated with the Las Vegas location. I could be wrong.

              1. re: lavendula

                I have not been to the NYC Lotus but the reviews on Chowhound have been unenthusiastic - the Las Vegas Lotus people were initially involved but have disassociated themselves from their NYC cousin

                1. re: lavendula

                  If you live nearby, you might have noticed from the changed awning that LOS in New York changed its name. It's now called Lotus NY and has no affiliation with the Las Vegas restaurant.

                  1. re: Dave Feldman

                    I did actually notice that! So Lotus in Las Vegas - better for dinner or lunch?

                    1. re: lavendula

                      The food is exactly the same. The only real differences are that most people order the buffet at lunch. But portions and prices off the menu are exactly the same.

              2. Try the kaseki dinner at RAKU, $100 for 10 courses (they give you many more than that), or $150pp for 15. Be prepared to spend an evening there. We just had the 10 course, got there at 8:30, and left around 1:00. Their sake pairings are to die for!! Also, if you check these boards regarding e by Jose Andres, you'll find exactly what you're looking of the best restaurants in the world right now, IMHO. Enjoy!!