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Feb 15, 2012 11:16 PM

Little Star Pizza, SF now has a South Bay Campbell location called Blue Line Pizza!

Read on Foodgal that Little Star Pizza now have a Campbell location called Blue Line Pizza, opened last week.

"Blue Line Pizza, named for the train that runs between O’Hare International Airport and Chicago, features organic salads, paninis, and both deep-dish and thin-crust pizzas."

Blue Line Pizza
415 E. Campbell Ave, Campbell
Open daily from lunch & dinner

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  1. Yes, but it's a different partnership. A resident of Campbell wanted LSP to open a branch in downtown Campbell, so she got into a partnership with one of the co-founders. Same SF menu, all pizzas, spicy chicken wings, housemade NY cheesecake, etc. The only difference ia more salads and lunch panini. I guess Campbell residents (customers will be mostly families) wanted healthy options.

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      They've applied for a liquor license for a second location in Burlingame.


    2. Went the other day. I will first mention I am ever so grateful this place opened up in the South Bay. First, it is open until 11 pm! So great in an area where everything seems to close at 9.

      The Pizza was great, crust ever so slightly dry, but this was a minor quibble. The crust was tasty, everything was cooked beautifully, and the proportions were awesome.

      Service was excellent for this type of place. Never had to hunt down or flag the waiter.

      Salads are OK (I guess no one is really going for the salad). The ideas of the salads are great. But, and I rarely ever say this, there was either not enough dressing or not enough cheese/other stuff. Mostly I was forking plain mixed greens/or lettuce into my mouth.

      Wine/Beer selection - a little strange. My glass of wine was either oxidized, left out in the heat, or the wine itself was just verging on bad. My bf's beer was too bitter for him (and he is a big IPA fan).

      So end summary, come for the pizza, and you will have an amazing time =). I will definitely be back and, in context, is as good as Little Star.

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        I had a half-baked take-out of the classic deep dish today. It was good.

        1) my order was slightly mangled. The counter guy checked the pizza (good process!), determined the error, and offered me the choice of taking the fully baked or waiting 15 minutes. When I said I would be happy to wait with a fine comp'ed beverage, they were very professional and negotiated me to 8 minutes and no drink --- then offered me a very nice glass of wine. It was a blend of some sort, well suited to pizza. The beer list is short, and has me nostalgic for lanesplitter. If Little Star can come down, Lanesplitter should come down. All in all, a very nice recovery (and they really did have my half-bake done in 8 minutes).

        2) The internal atmosphere is like Little Stars in SF. It's a little too noisy, well designed, lots of light right on the corner near the train station.

        3) Pizza. Now, I love Zach's, somewhat at odds with board preference. I ate a lot of Zach's in the 90's, and I love the flake and butter and salt of their crust. This cornmeal is good, about the same as Little Star (in a good way). Cheese quality is very high, and somehow less heavy than other deep dish. I don't like Paxti's, to my taste this blows Paxti's away. It doesn't have as much zing in the tomato department as Zach's, but has a nice rich taste without being too salty. The "classic" is exactly a Zach's special, so my order matched my memory. Favorably, but I'll take a Zach's pie any time because of the crust.

        4) Price - price is very good - $25.00 for a large deep is very good. However, it's a lighter pie than you might expect, so a large is about right for two. Zach's, the same pie is for 3.5 people.

        Since I never saw the beer & wine menu, I can't say whether it is peculiar or not. I do know that whatever he picked as my bonus pour was interesting and well balanced.

        A great addition to the south bay, but too far south to be a regular stop for me. If I lived 15 minutes away, I'd be picking up half-baked every week. The light taste, reasonable price, friendly people --- massive win.

        Do check out the german place up the block (Naschmarket), although their schnitzel is disappointing.

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          This beats any of the deep dish pizzas we had on our last visit to Chicago. We had the classic and the most obvious difference is the ingredients - higher quality sausage, higher quality vegetables - and less overwhelming cheese. The crust is excellent, far better than the tasteless thing we had at Patxi's years ago (maybe they're better now; we never had the urge to try again). As bbulkow mentioned, it's lighter than many Chicago-style pizzas, but every bit as tasty.

          The beer and wine lists are exceedingly well chosen. The wines by the glass have an intriguing mix of mostly familiar varietals with less familiar producers and regions. The Sicilian Nero d'Avola was a perfect match with the pizza, as was the wonderful draft Stone Ale.

          It's great to now have three fine pizza places in Silicon Valley in such different styles - Blue LIne for Chicago-style deep dish, Napoletana for Napoli-style, and A Slice of New York for gas-oven New York style.

          When we arrived we were told it would be a 40-minute wait, which was nearly exactly right. They know what they're doing in the front of the house as well as in the kitchen!

          Highly recommended!


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            I think Howie's for whatever California style they do deserves mention, unless you're calling that too far north.

            I did a paxti's about 6 months ago just to be sure; I couldn't finish it. Boring crust.

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              Oh goodness, how could I forget Howie's? Yes, make that at least four fine pizza places in Silicon Valley!

              The tasteless crust is what I despised about Patxi's; sounds like it hasn't changed.


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            Zachary's pies are more filling, I think they might have twice as much crust and considerably more cheese. Also about ten times as much tomato sauce, though that's not heavy.

        2. Within the last three months, both Blue Line and Patxi's opened within a mile or so of each other in Campbell. Campbell pizza got a whole lot better quickly. After trying both places once each, I give the slight nod to Blue LIne, but both pizzas were better than anything else around. And both menus allow for plenty of experimentation. Now we'll have a tough time trying to decide which pizza to get.
          On a non-food note - I went to Blue LIne on a rainy day, put my collapsible umbrella down while we waited for a table, and , in the time it took for me to get my family beers, someone stole it. I'm not blaming the restaurant if their patrons are thieves; after all, downtown Campbell is not a high-crime district.

          1. I tried the Burlingame location. It looks & feels like the Campbell location, but is 10 minutes closer to my house (each way).

            I'm not sure the 'za is as good, though. The half-bake slid around in the car (a half-bake shouldn't be as sensitive). Still a great tomato taste and lots of ricotta on the cheese side prevents brick-heavy slices.

            $25.00 gets me a large half-bake, which is the same I'd pay for a delivery Pizza My Heart - and PMH is a lot less food

            Will need to try again ---- between this and Vesta, my pizza cup runneth over

            ( Also, it's next to Straight's - which closed in PA )

            1. We went last Friday night. After waiting for 50 minutes for the pizza, I flagged the waitress down and asked if she could check on our pizza. She looked miffed and said she was sure it was just about to come out and she turned away and took a drink order from another table. 10 min later the manager came out and said, "Oh dear someone else must have gotten your pizza. If you want to wait 30 min we could make you a new one and comp it." The system sucks. They have a waitress who takes orders --but a runner who brings the food. There is no check back to see what's going on by the waitress. The entirely ridiculous experience may have colored my judgement, but I did not like the pizza. The crust has a somewhat bitter, fermented taste to it of a blechy brand of yeast (but if you are drinking beer with it, it probably does not matter) the toppings were not in any way special. The flavors did not stand out individually. It was hot -- so that was good. It is just not worth my while to ever go back.