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Feb 15, 2012 10:29 PM

Teen Girls Visiting Phoenix - Help!

A team of teenage gymnasts are traveling to Phoenix for a big meet this weekend. We would like to find a place to have a group meal which isn't a chain and which gives some taste of Phoenix to add to their experience. Help! The group are staying at the Springhill Suites Downtown, and competing at the Convention Center downtown, so anything within walking distance would be perfect. They can walk a good ways.

Also-- many of the parents are foodies, but are in a gang who either don't care or who are concerned because they are on a budget, so really tasty but cheap local fare suggestions would be amazing!

Needs to be group friendly, obviously.

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  1. Well, the light rail runs right by the convention center, so you're less limited by distance than time for good chow. In which case let me refer you to one of our Chow member's, exit2lef's, terrific blog about where to eat along the light rail:

    I think if you're here on a Friday it might be great fun to take the girls down to the Phoenix Public Market for their Food Truck Friday during lunchtime. There's also Sam's Cafe is a nonthreatening southwestern place on a pretty terrace in the Arizona Center that will fit a big group. If you don't mind green chile heat, a short way east down Washington will get you to Los Dos Molinos, which has great atmosphere and New Mexican style eats.

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      Thanks for the mention. One detail to note: I've heard that LDM's Downtown location on Washington Street will be moving Uptown to a new site near 7th St. & Camelback. Emily should call ahead and verify that the restaurant is still open before taking a group there. I don't know the exact timing of the move, which is apparently tied to a proposed development which may result in the demolition of part of Azteca Plaza.

    2. Depends on their tastes. Mrs Whites Golden Rule Cafe (Jesse Jackson and several Presidents have eaten there along with many pro athletes) would be a good start, Focaccia Florentina, Sing High, Hero Factory and Marjerle's, Five Guys Burgers (Look for Jaron and tell him his Uncle Tyrone sent you there).

      1. Depends on their tastes. Start off at Mrs. Whites Golden Rule Cafe (Jesse Jackson and several Presidents have eaten there along with many sports athletes), Sing High, Focaccia Fiorentina, Hero Factory and Five Guys Burgers (If you go, look for Jaron and tell him his uncle Tyrone sent you), Short Leash Dog, Athenian Express, Seamus McCaffery and Marjerle's. Wish you luck during you stay and competition.... Take plenty of pictures :-)

        1. Depends on their tastes. Mrs Whites Golden rule Cafe is a good place to start (Read the wall while you are there), Sing High, Seamus McCaffery, Athenian Cafe, Hero Factory, Five Guys Burgers ( Ask for Jaron and tell him his Uncle Tyrone sent you) and Marjerle's,

          1. What does "group friendly" mean to you?

            Does it mean a private room is required?

            Does it mean that your party is guaranteed to sit together?

            How big is the group?