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Feb 15, 2012 09:28 PM

Speculoos in L.A. other than TJ's

Anyone know of a good source for this, I wan to try some of the authentic ones against Trader Joe's.

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  1. Have you tried Cost Plus?

    1. Also, it depends what you call speculoos, if it's the cookies (traditional, Belgian or Dutch) or the spread. There's nothing really authentic or traditional about the spread, it didn't exist until maybe10 years ago, and it's definitively an industrial product.

      In any case, I believe the TJ's version of the cookies and the spread are made by the same brand that makes the "Biscoff" cookies and spread, which is Lotus ( a Belgian company, but they could really well be part of the Kraft empire). TJ's sells the cookies under the name "bistrot cookies".

      You can find the spread at Cost Plus (also made by Lotus), too, and I'm wondering if I haven't seen them at Fresh & Easy as well. And Amazon also sells it as "biscoff". Occasionally I see the cookies at Walgreens, but not the spread.

      The common thing is... all brands you will easily find are made by Lotus, including TJs.

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        Do you know for a fact that the TJ's brand is made by Lotus? Not doubting you, just would like to know if that's a bankable fact or not.

      2. You can order both the cookies and the spread from as well. I've tried both (actually bought the spread in Belgium) and it's pretty much the same stuff.

        1. The branch of Le Pain Quotidien on Robertson just below Third has jars of speculoos for sale, and other branches may as well. Shaky Alibi on Beverly Boulevard at Martel serves two types with its waffles, but I don't know if they package any for sale.