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Feb 15, 2012 07:38 PM

Tokyo layover with elderly parents - lunch recommendations?


In early March, I'll have a 12 hour layover in Tokyo with my parents who are in their mid-70s. We'd like to take a train into Tokyo and have a nice lunch, wander around a bit.

They're not particularly adventurous eaters and not crazy about sushi. I do like sushi, but am certainly not a connoisseur so a very expensive sushi option might be wasted on me. I'm looking for some recommendations on places that might have both sushi and noodle options, close to one of the train stations that we'd arrive in on from the airport, nice atmosphere but not formal. As my parents are a bit older, I don't think they'd like to wait in an extremely long line.

Price isn't an issue as much as the features I mentioned above. None of us speak Japanese so perhaps that's a consideration as well.

Greatly appreciate any suggestions!

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  1. Places that have both sushi and noodle options are quite rare in Tokyo - generally sushi restaurants will just serve sushi, and other restaurants won't. However, you might be able to find a sushi-bar corner in a Japanese restaurant in an upscale hotel.

    Perhaps you can check out the Japanese restaurants at the Peninsula or the Imperial hotels - they're both a quick taxi ride from Tokyo Station, which is probably the best place to wander around during a brief stopover.

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      To add to Robb, take a taxi from Mejiro station(JR Yamanote Line) to the Hotel Four Season Chosan-zo, here below the link :
      And on summer, you can see 'hotaru(=firefly)' in the night !

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        After, the few places i have noticed near Tokyo JR Station(or that direct access from Narita), are quiet far from the best, but can perhaps offer some japanese item if 'real stuff' sounds too much of a challenge for your parents..  XEX Tokyo Atago, from Shimbashi a taxi will cost not more than 1500..-yens, the menu will have sushi (so-so), japanese fish nitsuke (better), and spaghettis as the owner chef is Italian Salvatore. I had the occasion to go there on a diner, the view is nice, the food not so great, but acceptable ... You also have Shari Bar Tokyo in Ginza, near Yurakucho, 5mn walk, that has some california roll lunch and some salad somen lunch also. I think they made a mistake on the concept with Shari tokyo, the food is good, better than at Izakaya, but at a fair price...   

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          For XEX, you can go to the XEX at the Daimaru in Tokyo Station, they have an Italian side and a teppanyaki side. Have eaten at both, the Italian is fine, the teppanyaki is actually quite decent. They may have other stations, and the building itself has a few floors of some pretty good restaurants.