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Feb 15, 2012 07:09 PM

Pulled Pork Cooking Liquid

I'm doing a pork tenderloin in a crockpot for pulled pork sandwiches. I've used root beer and coke as the liquid previously. My dining companions don't care for heavy BBQ sauce. I put it out to smear on the bun if wanted. What would you suggest for another more interesting cooking liquid? Would beer be an option?
I'm serving the sandwiches with BBQ sauce and cole slaw in toasted buns.

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  1. Beer for sure--I haven't used a crockpot, but did country pork ribs that way, low 'n slow, with a bottlabeer and a sweet onion. DO IT TO IT! :)

    1. If you use a butt instead of a tenderloin, you won't need to add any liquid.

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        Thanks, guys. I know, ricepad, I'm trying to save a few angioplasties. Kattyeyes, I wil DO IT manana.

      2. I used sweet vermouth recently with great success ....

        1. I have a pork butt in the crockpot with lime juice, garlic, chili powder, S&P. After crisping under the broiler ala carnitas, this tends to end up in tacos or burritos at my house.

          1. This pioneer woman recipe is absolutely awesome. It uses Dr Pepper and chipotles