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Feb 15, 2012 06:34 PM

Manchester , New Hampshire

Where to eat thats not a chain?

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  1. Going there tomorrow apartment searching with my daughter.
    hoping to find local gems

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    1. re: KROB

      I really like A Carribean Affair. The oxtail is wonderful and I also like the goat rotti. I have had bites of other items, but I usually order one of these two.

      1. Vietnamese: Golden Bowl

        Chinese: Chen Yang Li

        Locavore: Republic

        Hungarian: Lala's

        German: Bavaria

        Special night out: 36 Delux, Hanover St Chophouse, Cotton, Z, Bedford Village Inn

        Sushi: Mint Bistro

        Glorified Greek diner and local hotspot: Puritan BackRoom

        Greek: Athens

        Tex Mex: La Caretta

        Tacos: Consuela's

        Mac n Cheese: Mr. Mac

        Cheap n Greasy: Pappy's

        Pizza: Johnny Troy, maybe 900 Degrees if you ask them to char the crust

        Caribbean: A Caribbean Affair

        Nepali: Cafe Momo

        French American: Chez Vachon

        Brunch: Republic, 36 Delux, Julien's

        Seafood: Republic has the freshest; have not tried Hooked

        Italian: if you find it, let me know

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        1. re: whs

          Nice job, whs ---- I'd say you pretty much nailed it!

          1. re: whs

            but you missed my two favorites...Ignite and Hooked. Omg in 1 week I got to try both...ignite for dinner before a hockey game with out of this world seared ahi tuna on a bed of greens with each piece sitting on a wonton surfboard, hubby had a fantastic mahi mahi rueben....everyone was really happy w/ their choices. For lunch this week I tried hooked and their $5 menu of grilled salmon fantastic but when I saw those awesome fish tacos in the window....OMG! Also had a couple beautiful chatham oysters to start my meal. I could live here for a while in these two restaurants just working my way through their menus.

            1. re: lexpatti

              Lexpatti! We have missed you on this board. Will have to try Hooked. I had a good burger at Ignite,service was friendly, thanks for reminding me of it.

              1. re: lexpatti

                Lex, I went back after we saw those fish tacos and got them, worth every cent! So incredibly delish!

                1. re: gryphonskeeper

                  been thinking about them ever since.....ive sent a bunch o people their, can't wait to go back

                  1. re: lexpatti

                    Based on the recommendations here for the fish tacos at Hooked, I could not resist as I was in the area at lunch time this week. Quite yummy, and I love the little taco rack they use to hold them upright so they aren't falling over, spilling out their contents. Options for several different sides, but I just went with good old French fries. Service was very friendly. Glad I stopped in.

                    1. re: Dave B

                      nice, I still haven't made it back in yet. can't wait

                1. re: whs

                  I definitely second Republic and 36 Delux.

                  I would add KC's Rib Shack for BBQ. Some of the better ribs I've ever had (including the ones I've had in Memphis). Their sides are lackluster.

                2. Republic is my personal fave of the ones listed.

                  the 3for10.00 small plate deal has some simple, yet amazing appetizers.

                  Not too far off the path is Tek-Nique in Bedford (Rte 101). Had a great experience there recently for dinner. Recommended it to friends, who went for brunch and they told us the service was atrocious. So seems they still have to work out the bugs..

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                  1. The only time we were ever in Manchester, we stopped at Cremeland Dairy Bar. The nuttiest pistachio ice cream I've ever had, delicious, and some of the best onion rings too.

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                    1. re: HaroldandMaude

                      too funny, I too love their pistachio ice cream... I tell people that it's as if they accidentally spilled a huge buckets of huge pistachios in the ice cream and said "oh well what the hell, lets just go with it".