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Feb 15, 2012 06:27 PM

Restaurant Recommendations needed asap for 12 people Asbury to Toms River...

Recommendations needed asap.....for 12 people...It's our turn to pick a restaurant for 12 people, everyone likes a nice fancy place, Any kind of food except Chinese, Japanese, no Mexican either. Classy American, Seafood, etc. Along the shore from Asbury to Toms River. BYOB would be a preference also. Any help you can give me would be very much appreciated.

Thank you

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  1. We went to Serenity Cafe last night with another couple and had a very good dinner. They have a nice room and its BYO.
    On Rt 37 in Toms River. Will post details when I'm back home.

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      tom246 - No Siam Spice? Nice to know you still make it to my neck of the woods. All joking aside, I am really interested in your review of Serenity Cafe.

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        Hi bgut1, just back from a trip. Yes, Siam Spice is an excellent choice although a table of 12 would likely need to be negotiated since the place is so small.

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          tom246 - I agree about the space limitations for such a large party. It's just tough however to be in the vicinity of Siam Spice and not crave the duck soup.

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            LOL. I hear ya. Need to get back there soon for that awesome duck soup!

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      1. You can't better than the Shipwreck Grill in Brielle:

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          I agree that either the Shipwreck Grill or it's sister Shipwreck Point would be worthy options. The former has a nice "back" area we have been able to use for a large group before.

          Remington's in Manasquan would be another fine choice. One benefit is that they feature a wine list with more moderate prices than many in the area which is often helpful with a large group.

        2. For the best seafood and terrific service, go to Fish in Asbury Park. It's wonderful!

          1. Please keep them coming.....these are really good ideas so far....appreciate it everyone .