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Feb 15, 2012 05:26 PM

What are your most recent cookbook purchases? Late winter indulgences... [OLD]

Holidays are long gone and here we are in a quite temperate February, at least so far, in this area.
It's always cookbook weather, though -- so what books are you thinking about and/or buying these days?

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  1. Last week I bought Japanese Pot Pots inspired by a companion thread to the current COTM. Have not cooked anything out of it but looks inticing and not too intimidating. Today ordered The Olive and The Caper, again inspired by COTM. Whether or not it is selected as March cookbook I would definitely cook from it.

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    1. re: herby

      Should say "Japanese Hot Pots" and not pot pots:)

    2. I recently ordered Tender - Nigel Slater, One Block Feast, and The Santa Monica Farmers Market cookbook. Can't wait to get them. Will probably get the olive and caper book if it is COTM even though I haven't managed to participate in that in eons.

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      1. re: Bean Counter

        I have the SMFM book BC and I absolutely love it. So many wonderful recipes. I used an entire pkg of post-it tabs on that book!!

        1. re: Breadcrumbs

          Just got it and looking forward to sitting on the couch tonight and marking it up as well!

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            My favorite pork dish is out of SMFMC. I don't have the book in front of me, and the book is not indexed on EYB (yet) but look in the index under pork and you'll find it. If memory serves, it is a one pot braise with tomatillos, white beans, pork shoulder and black kale. Magical.

            1. re: dkennedy

              Sound delish ! Will check that out. Around here kale & tomatillos wouldn't be at the fm at the same time so that isn't a combo I'd imagine in a fm book. Will try it for sure though.

              1. re: Bean Counter

                I used canned tomatillos. It is so good I am getting hungry just thinking about it.

                1. re: dkennedy

                  Picked up some kale, beans & pork at the farmers market so I'll be giving this a go this weekend. Not sure if I'll be able to get my hands on smoked tomatoes and my pork shoulder is well over a pound so there may be some alterations

                  1. re: Bean Counter

                    The first time I made it I couldn't the smoked tomatoes either. Sun dried tomatoes are a fine substitute.

      2. Soup of the Day by Lydie Marshall. I've been cooking out of a library copy for a few weeks now and the family has responded pretty well. Much of it is non-soup recipes (if a soup calls for Tuscan bread, why here's a recipe for that-plus salads and desserts) but the soups themselves are so far, so good.

        1. Not new news but I'm very glad I got the revised Italian Baker -- have made 2 excellent breads from it and wish I hadn't forgotten how good the original was.
          And Amazon UK wants me to know there's a Hairy Bikers' baking book -- should I lash out, you Brits out there?

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          1. re: buttertart

            Somehow the combination of "hairy" and "kitchen" just doesn't hold any appeal....gosh, watch this be a book from one of my relatives!!! ; - )

            1. re: Breadcrumbs

              They have had a number of series on UK TV. It is a bit icky, isn't it!

          2. I bought Melissa Clark's "In the Kitchen with a Good Appetite." I took it out from the library and wanted to make so many dishes that I ended up buying it. Everything I have made so far has been great. I have always found her recipes to be rock solid.

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            1. re: mels

              mels I felt the very same way w that book. I really enjoy the author's writing style as well and as a result, this book still holds a place on the tiny bookshelf I have in the kitchen.

              1. re: mels

                Yes, I recently got that too. I was either inspired here or on food52 or both. Love it! Want to get it for my mom as I love the writing with the recipes and think that would be right up her alley. I've only done the figgy piggy chicken so far and liked it but didn't follow the recipe exactly so may give it another go. Plan to do the broccoli salad soon too.