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Feb 15, 2012 04:35 PM

lol: gordon ramsay no more

sounds like the owners made a deal with the devil...they cry now but they should be kissing ramsay's feet for the incredible surge of momentum. it's not everyday ramsay comes to town to promote a restaurant... these guys sound like terrible business people.

at least leslie chesterman got to feel glamorous for once...

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  1. Well, they got a good push in the back with the GR brand name, now it is up to the _real_ owners to take over and make it work; and make it 100% montreal.

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    1. re: Maximilien

      the food is still lackluster and overpriced

    2. been there only once, shitty food, overpriced, wasn't seeing any gordon ramsay quality

      went there only for his name, now he's gone, what else left in them?

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      1. re: ohyouneverknow

        most review (here and elsewhere) reported that the food was good.

        1. re: Maximilien

          i can't understand why anyone would rave about it. i'd say the best thing going for them are their salads and desserts. there are no stand out appetizer or mains. everything i've tried is mediocre. the gravy is a glorified KFC sauce, the fries are over-seasoned and salty, the coleslaw is bland bland bland, the chicken is boring and does not even compare to the $7 cheaper breasts at chalet bbq --- not even in the same ball park. the chicken pot pie tastes of thick dough etc etc etc. the restaurant pretentious!!!! maybe they deserved to be pretentious with that man's name hanging above the door, but now, no more. RIP.

          1. re: BarackHObama

            This place is charming on outside, has great location but this is not good news as these owners did not improve on the place before he had some input. I thought their food and service were terrible before this new creation. His name is being taken off tonight! As for debating pros and cons, he wanted to appeal to masses and he did and there were some nice touches to this new dining experience in the old chicken place. We had good times dining in the GR Laurier resto and the food was fine for us. This is Laurier, different neighborhood than the Main so quite reasonable price considering. He revitalized the place and now it may just die off as so many restaurants are doing in these difficult economic times. Sounds like the owner lost connecting with GR and kind of costly to pay for no ongoing input.

            1. re: mangoannie

              they should have milked the name for all it was worth. they haven't even been through a tourist season yet

          2. re: Maximilien

            it was a while ago, but i still remember their creamy spinach, what a disaster, tasted like someone poured 250ml heavy cream into a handful of spinach, or was it called "spinach cream" on the menu?

            1. I had assumed, wrongly, that Ramsay had invested in this place. Am I now correct in thinking that the owners were actually paying him, basically for promotion/name recognition?

              I've eaten there 5+ times and I like it - the chicken especially, which I found consistently tasty and very well cooked. If the quality stays the same, I'll keep going there. Not the cheapest eats in town, but I feel that it's not a crapshoot to eat there and it isn't so expensive as to put me off.

              I'm interested to hear if Ramsay has any comment on this but he probably won't. Or, if he does, it'll be some bland PR 'I wish them luck' stuff.

              1. My family and I were big fans of Laurier in the 70's and 80's. After decades of absence, I returned to re-try it last year, out of nostalgia. Absolutely horrible, to the point I swore never to go back. Still, I was curious what people thought of the food after the Ramsay revamp...apparently no better, and vastly overpriced too.

                Can't imagine the restaurant is going to survive at this point, now that a bucket of cold water has been thrown directly on the source of the hype. It's no longer the classic Laurier BBQ, nor is it the glitzy and famed Laurier Gordon Ramsay. So what is it now? Just an overpriced and gimmicky restaurant which has lost its identity and way...