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Feb 15, 2012 04:24 PM

Jackson, MS area

Heading there in a couple of weeks- staying in Flowood - going for HS baseball tourney- will be at 3 different schools -all within 15 minutes of Flowood- nothing too fine but good food....

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  1. You can always get a good plate lunch at noon at CS's. It's on West Street behind Milsaps College.
    For GREAT catfish there are few places that are as good as Cock of the Walk. It's out that way and on Ross Barnette Res.
    We always enjoyed eating at Char's in Highland Village Shopping Center. Locatged on the southeast corner of Northside drive and I-20. A little more upscale, but good food.

    1. Fannin Mart has outstanding country food. Mmmmmm...........

        1. Grant's Kitchen is in Flowood and is pretty good. Table 100 is also out that way and great, but it's a little more upscale. Nothing else really comes to mind out there. If you come into Jackson to eat, Mr. Chen's is right off the interstate and is my favorite Chinese place in town. Wraps in Maywood Mart is also right off the interstate on Northside Drive. Parlor Market is currently my favorite (it's downtown), but it may be too "fine dining". Walker's is also a great upscale place. Bravo and Broad Street are convenient and good, though Bravo is a little fancier. Amerigo's is my favorite Italian place in town, but it's a bit of a hike from Flowood.

          1. +1 for Fannin Mart , good southern food complete with sweet tea in mason jars & the menu written on a brown paper bag. Mugshots is a good burger place, Primos Cafe is good too, try the Carmel cake! If your hotel is in the Dogwood Mall area you can drive up Old Fannin Rd a couple of miles and get great pizza(my fav in all of Jxn area) at Soulshine Pizza. Never been to Table 100 but I've only heard good reports. It's heavier on the wallet tho. Flowood is LOADED with chains too.
            Where are the other 2 schools located?

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              We play at Brandon, Pearl and Jackson Academy- BUT we may only be able to go out the first night b/c games are back to back at dinner time....

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                If ur going to Brandon High and have time, eat at Heart & Soul Diner on hwy 80. Yes it's connected to a gas station (Shell) but its worth the stop. They serve breakfast all day, but have great dinner items too. Not much in Pearl except Frisco Deli, everything else is chains. As for the Jxn Academy area Majestic Burgers is real close, best thing to do is just ask someone at JA for directions

              2. re: Biglester

                I'll second the Soleshine Pizza. About, if not, the best pizza I have ever had.

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                  Well the weather wasn't too hot so plans to Soulshine were nixed- we ended up at El Portrillo on TH night and Corner Market Deli for lunch-Friday-just ok- Ruby Tuesday- gag!- on Fr night- storms moved in around 7 and 2nd game was cancelled and we had about 15 and noone wanted to drive far from hotel- I did get to Majestic Burgers on Saturday before game and it was excellent..