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Feb 15, 2012 04:11 PM

left soup out at room temp, is it safe?

I made a cream of broccoli soup that had 2 cups of milk in it. After eating dinner last night I mistakenly left the soup out all of last night and today, about 22 hours in total. Is it safe to eat? It doesn't smell bad and the couple bites I just had tasted OK, but I'm nervous about eating more.

thanks in advance for advice

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  1. I might be corrected here, but since its room temp dairy, I'd toss it.

    1. I'd be inclined to toss it out . . .

      1. If it were me, I'd refrigerate it for a day or two; if I didn't get sick from the couple of bites I'd already eaten, I'd take it as a sign that the rest won't make me sick either. That said, I live on what others might consider the dangerous side. If you had seafood or poultry in it, I might go the other way but the milk is cooked so I stick by my original answer.

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        1. re: Cherylptw

          I'm with Cheryl. I'd rather eat day-old room temperature soup than something found in the back of the fridge after a week.

        2. Thanks for the feedback. I ended up eating a good-sized bowl of it last night and suffered no consequences. I don't think it tasted as good as it did when it was made, but it certainly wasn't bad.

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          1. re: levir

            If it had prawns in it, toss it.

            Otherwise, cook it hard then add a fresh ingredients : grated ginger, scallions and vinegar uncooked ,
            and enjoy.

          2. I'm with tasting it after a couple of days.
            If you have to toss it, you've not lost a big investment, just probably just something that was delicious.
            I'd not toss it myself, but then I'm just like that.
            Like all the stuff about food that you have to toss due to expiration dates.
            I look at a perfect package of unopened cheese that is expired in my frig.
            Am I gonna toss it just due to date? sadly no