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Expired heavy cream

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Just found an unopened carton of ultra pastuerized heavy cream in my fridge. The exp. date is 01/09/12. If it smells ok, is it ok to use? Thanks.

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  1. It should be fine, especially if it was unopened until now. I'd use it. Is an expiration date or a sell by date? Big difference.

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      It says use by 01/09/12. Thanks.

    2. you're fine as is (I'll bet) you're heavy cream.
      I've found containers that got pushed to back of frig and although expired (according to package) still good as new.
      and my dates were worse than yours ;:-/

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          Smell t, then taste a small amount. If it was sealed it may well be good.

        2. The fat in heavy cream seems to keep it good for a long time. Non-fat milk is what goes bad on me very quickly.

          1. If it smells good use it.

            1. I had one that had expired on the 11th & don't remember when I had opened it but used it last week & it was fine. I just smelled/tasted it to make sure it hadn't gone sour or anything.

              1. If it smells good and taste good it is good. Sour milk products are easy to detect and for the most part aren't that harmful if consumed but food borne illness is a risk.

                But you will know if you want to use it before consuming. Let your nose be your guide.

                1. that ultrapasteurized stuff last so long it scares me. I've used cream 2 months past the date. Just throw it out when it gets lumpy ;-)

                  1. If it doesn't smell bad, heat it to body temperature in a saucepan, then dump it into a sterile bowl with 2 TBSP buttermilk per cup of cream, cover, then let it sit on the kitchen counter for 24 hours, and voila, you'll have creme fraiche that should last another few weeks in the fridge.

                    I'm doing that this morning with a half pint of heavy cream that I noticed last night had expired on 2/14/02, but still smells perfectly good.