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Feb 15, 2012 03:23 PM

Questions on restaurants in the Dordorgne in March

We are going to the Dordorgne this March. We have a few questions-mostly about restaurants. We are staying in an apartment in Sarlat but will have at least one meal a day out. At this point I am figuring some will be lunches while we are touring since opening hours and daylight hours are shorter now. Dining out is one of our major joys in traveling to France. We are adventuresome eaters and enjoy trying new wines.

First we are taking the train from Paris to Brive and of course arrive at 1PM. The car rental place is closed until 2PM. Is there a decent restaurant within walking distance (walking with roller bags!) of the train station in Brive? Also on the drive from Brive where is there a grocery store where we can obtain provisions for the apartment?

One day we are planning on going to the Prehistory museum in Les Eyzies-de-Tayac. The restaurants I have seen mentioned are not open at this time of year. The only two I see that are open are Le Cro Magnon (sounds tacky but we are game) or La Metairie. Any information on these two or another suggestion?

Several of the restaurants we see are open in Sarlat are: Le Grand Bleu, Les Peyrouses, Le Quatre Saisons and Rossignol. Probably we will have two night for dinner in Sarlat-one being Saturday evening. Which of these should we not miss?

On the tours we are planning we will have lunch in Le Roque-Gageac or Domme. The restaurants that are open there are : Auberge La Plume D'Oie, Le Perigord and Les Pres Galliardou and L'Esplanade or Cabanoix et Chataigue. Best picks among these restaurants?

One place that we are planning on going to is La Gabarre in Saint-Julien-de-Lampon.


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  1. Sorry, I can't help you, was there in March but that was five years ago. I do wonder, though, why you wouldn't get provisions for your apartment in Sarlat itself? That way you wouldn't be carrying luggage and groceries in from your car all at the same time. Or are there specific delicacies you are looking for? My memory of Sarlat is that it's pretty well equipped (and beautiful).

    Have a great time, eat well--and please report back!

    1. Are you aware that if you book your Avis car through SNCF when you book your ticket, you can request to pick up the keys from the ticket agent at the station. The car will be waiting for you, ready to go. It is particularly convenient when arriving, as you are, when the rental agency is closed for lunch or after hours. And, of course, you can drop off the car the same way.

      SNCF has a special relationship with Avis and also gives special (not always the cheapest in the industry) discounts.

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        Unfortunately we did not know that about Avis and SNCF. It would have made up for the problems I had booking the train (which included fraud alerts from my credit card companies!). I will keep it in mind for our next trip. Thanks.