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Feb 15, 2012 02:11 PM

Gloucester + 30 min drive.....recommendations

housesitting for a week, looking for pho, breakfast, food trucks, gourmet fastfood, pizza, roast beef, one high class night, chinese, italian, out of the ordinary

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Breakfast is easiest - Sugar Magnolias in Gloucester, also Lees which is more greasy spoon but everything is served with fat sausages. Jims on RR ave has good enough bagels and coffee. Food trucks? Don't think so. Pizza.....pretty tough but try Sebastian's on Washington St, Gloucester. Sandwiches: Virgilios. High class night: Franklin / Gloucester. I love the burgers and other pedestrian fare at Alchemy but it can be inconsistent. Ain't no pho but for a place on Rt 1 S - think its called Pho 888 and its pretty darned good the it will take more than 30 mins to get there. New place called Whats Cookin' on Washington St has potential to be good....had a good write up on the now owners in the Gloucester Times a few days ago. Supreme Roast Beef in Gloucester is also worth a stop. No real good Chinese up this way but some do like Midori, also on Washington St. You would think there'd be good Italian around but there just isn't. You may want to check out Rockport Lobster Co in Gloucester, get a few big culls cheap and steam them up....always a good treat. Have fun!

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        Duckworth on E. Main is also nice for an upscale dinner. .

      2. Most of Rockport, Bearskin Neck, and Gloucester shuts down for the winter, so if you're looking for dinner along the North Shore area, be sure to call first. Last time I was up there during the colder months I was greeted by rows of boarded-up restaurants and shops.

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        1. re: Boston_Otter

          All the places I listed are open year round.

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            IPSO, in your original post, what was the place you listed that you said has huge portions? Also, you mentioned Cape Ann, and isn 't there a Taco truck by the grocery store? Can you repost (or if it was someone else, please repost).
            I like the Depot Diner in Beverly too.

            1. re: MacshashRIP

     might be the truck you seek..being a frequent visitor to the W coast, I pretty much don't eat the local 'Mexican' food because its pretty awful for the most part although there are a few decent enough placed popping up close to Boston lately...reports from the local chat boards on Cape Ann are so-so for the taco truck - expensive and small portions.... The Causeway Restaurant is the deep-fried place with huge portions; not my speed but indeed a local favorite. If you are venturing the the Depot Diner, I think that is in Peabody if I am not mistaken, not a quick trip from Gloucester.

          2. re: Boston_Otter

            "Most of Rockport, Bearskin Neck, and Gloucester shuts down for the winter" Really? Define most. In reality 90%+ stay open....

            1. re: mmerriman

              "Define most?" Seriously?

              Every single restaurant on Bearskin Neck. Roy Moore's. Captain Carlo's in Gloucester. All closed and/or boarded up for the winter.

              Others keep limited hours during the winter months.

            2. re: Boston_Otter

              That's utterly NOT true for most Gloucester restos.

              Personal favs include Lobstaland and The Franklin.

              1. re: StriperGuy

                me too - however Lobsta land IS one of the FEW that close for the winter. Reopening in April. Its actually great to eat there the day they close since they pretty much clean out the kitchen and pour big drinks

                1. re: mmerriman

                  They used to stay open all winter, but now that you mention it, I think they started closing.

                2. re: StriperGuy

                  Gee, okay. I guess when I was there they were practicing for a hurricane all winter long. My bad.

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                    Agree, the closed resto's on Bearskin Neck would not be pleasant in the winter. Most places in Gloucesta, like The Franklin, are open year round.

                3. I think Salem is just in your +30 min request, Salem's Scratch kitchen has great sandwiches and rings.

                  245 Derby St, Salem, MA 01970

                  scratch kitchen
                  245 Derby St, Salem, MA 01970

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                  1. re: lc02139

                    salem also has in a pigs' eye which does a good homey brunch and decent tex-mex kinda food.

                    1. re: lc02139

                      Scratch Kitchen is the most awful establishment to ever open in Salem! That is why they are always empty except in October when everywhere else is packed. Virgillio's on Main Street for lunch and dinner at Jalapeno's also on Main street, no need to leave Gloucester for great food.

                    2. rip, the No.Shore, like many Boston suburbs, is really the hinterlands imo.Pho, gmt fast food, food trucks, out of the ordinary? Good luck. We travel up there often but the No Shore is a tough call. We found The Franklin mediocre on our 2 tries. Much better is 62 on Wharf in Salem, a No. Italian artisinal bistro run by a young talented chef and wife; our fav place up there. For a casual Mexican spot that can be very good if you order right , try Howlin Wolf in salem; open lunch and dinn. Do a Ch search for recent threads. And plse let us know what places you liked. It will help us advise others like you.