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Feb 15, 2012 02:06 PM

Vienna for 3 days

I'm going to be in Vienna from Friday, February 24th to Monday, February 27th and was hoping to get some suggestions on places to go. I started compiling a list of places I would like to go but I'm worried about them being open because it sounds like a lot of restaurants close on Saturdays and Sundays.

How late are Walter Bauer and Steirereck open on Friday nights? I'm going to be attending Carmen at the Opera House and was wondering if I could do one of them for dinner afterwards.

The other restaurants I'm considering are:
Walter Bauer
Rudi's Beisl
Kutschker 44
Gasthaus Zu Den 3 Hacken
Bitzinger's W├╝rstelstand
Heuriger Christ
Cafe Landmann
Cafe Drecshler
Cafe Pruckel
Cafe Sperl
Cafe Phoenixhof

Any suggestions or priorities from that list? Which ones will not be open Saturday/Sunday?


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  1. I'm sure Sturmi and Kukabura will give you their excellent recommendations as well but for me I'd make Phoenixhof a priority and would suggest adding the Hotel Sacher's high end dinning room (Anna Sacher) to your high end options. My wife and I had their 6 course menu with wine pairings last summer and it was outstanding, but it's not just about the food... the room is filled floor to cieling with the most amazing paintings that really add to the old world charm of the experience. You will also get a chance to have a cocktail in the Hotel Sacher's Blue Room, which is matchbox sized but again filled with wonderful art and furniture.

    1. Most of these places are open on saturday. Closed are Rudis Beisl and Steirereck, who are open monday to friday only. If you want to check opening hours, use and enter the name of the restaurant in the first field.

      Sunday is the big closing day, no question. But all the Cafes and Heuriger Christ are open, and the Meierei is also open. And: Anna Sacher is open saturday AND sunday for lunch AND dinner !!

      Regarding the after opera dinner I would contact the restaurants (Walter Bauer, Anna Sacher, Steirereck). All are open friday night. They might offer you a short "after opera dinner" even at 10:30 p.m. (Carmen ends at 10:15 p.m.). And Anna Sacher is just behind the state opera ...

      And yes, your list is quite promising, there are no disappointing tourist traps included. And I am sure you are quite aware that your list includes everything, from street food at Bitzingers to high end three star cuisine at Steirereck !!

      1. That is a pretty great looking list, although I haven't been to most. Rudi is great (and I can't wait to return some day), Bitzinger is delish, Pruckel is great for people watching, Demel is particularly interesting if you like to watch the bakers at work, and of course you know my love for Phoenixhof. We only had drinks at Cafe Sperl (which is different from Restaurant Sperl) but it seemed very cool. Haven't been to Heuriger Christ and from the website it looks very modern, which isn't the heuriger experience we've had to date -- not that we're opposed to it!