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Feb 15, 2012 01:51 PM

Is good food and a view possible in Vancouver?

I have a group of ten older people who would like to have dinner in a private or semi private room "with a view", preferably a water view. Last time they met at the Blue Water cafe and enjoyed the food but "there was no view" . Any suggestions for late February?

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      1. re: kinnickinnik

        A bit more from Five Sails site (


        Five Sails Private Dining Room

        "This exclusive room is discreetly located on the West side of the restaurant and offers both privacy and spectacular views. The 15' X 17' room is enclosed to the restaurant with double glass doors and a glass wall. The private dining room accommodates from 10 - 20 guests with either one large rectangular table for 15 guests maximum, or two rectangular tables of 10 set side by side. The Bose sound system, lighting and room temperature can be controlled from inside the room."

      2. Someone on this board mentioned Teahouse in Stanley Park not too long ago. Anyone been recently? Seems like a place the older set might enjoy?

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        1. re: waver

          There isn't really a view from the Teahouse, though it is close to a view. You can see out but there is a lawn in front, then the seawall below.

          Views in Vancouver don't come with good food in my experience. Five Sails is probably the best of the lot.

          Can you go outside Vancouver proper? The view from Fraiche in North Van looks stunning on the website (though it would be strongly weather dependent up there). I've heard the food is pretty good and the chef seems to have some chops.

          1. re: grayelf

            One well regarded blogger has always liked Seasons in the Park-never eaten there m'self but I do know the views from Mount Pleasant of an evening are loverly.


            1. re: Sam Salmon

              I would say Fraiche and Seasons are both good options.

              Solid food, though unspectacular. Personally, I would take a look at the menus and see what appeals to you more.

              Both have great views - the view at Seasons is much nicer than you'd expect, especially on a clear night -- I'd call it even in terms of view, but I think most people would prefer the view at Fraiche.

              Service at Seasons was much more polished -- the service at Fraiche was friendly, but the servers there have not been very experienced in my two visits -- not an issue for me, personally, but might be for some.

              C was very disappointing on my last visit -- they seemed to be resting on their laurels, imo, and I would not return or recommend it.

              1. re: sobbuh

                We had the reverse in two visits to Seasons last spring. The first was for a birthday with a table of 8. This was the worst service I can remember receiving in any restaurant. It was so bad they gave us a coupon for a return visit. Which was better service wise but the food was still just average and expensive for what it is.

        2. Beachside Forno (West Vancouver) definitely has a good view. Food ...... I can't attest w/o having been there. But they're a sibling of Fraiche so they can't be that bad, I gather.

          Fraiche is the other one (higher up on the British Properties, in W. Van) that has a view. And what a view it is.