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Saint Patrick's / Birthday help!

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Hello all!

So none of my potential plans seem to be working out, and I could really use some advice! My Birthday falls in the middle of the work week right before Saint Patrick's day. I was going to have my birthday party the weekend before, but that conflicted with a prior engagement. The only other option is to have my birthday and Saint Patrick's day collide. This sounds like a blast, however, I have no idea where to go. There will be a large group (estimated around 30-40). Saint Patrick's day is already a crazy day especially in the greater Boston area. I'm worried about finding space for a larger group anywhere. Unfortunately my apartment is not large enough to host the group myself (or I would absolutely just do that). I would prefer to keep it in the Somerville / Cambridge area as that is where the majority of my friends live, and it will make most everything much easier. If anyone has an idea of a nice laid back space with good drinks and decent bar food that might be able to handle a larger group on Saint Pat's that would be AMAZING. Thanks for any help you can provide!

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  1. I would try Cambridge Common...i always have a great time there