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Dinner tonight ... hot dogs or hamburgers ...

I went shopping on Sunday and only bought stuff on sale.

We are a family of four, me, wife, son 16, son 20.

Bought steaks, pork chops, hamburgers and hot dogs. Like I said, everything was on sale.

We had the steaks with rice and a sauteed spinach and mustard green thing on Sunday night. Had enough leftover for steak sandwiches on Monday.

Last night we had the pork chops with mashed sweet potatoes and green beans with almond slivers.

So, tonight and tomorrow we are going to have the hot dogs and/or the hamburgers.

With the burgers, I was thinking of making a "lazy person's" loco moco. Serve them over rice with some gravy and fried eggs. Not exactly authentic, but something different than just putting them on buns with condiments. Though we do like them the traditional way as well.

Any other thoughts on what to do with hamburgers?

More importantly, what about the hot dogs?

Yes, we could do them on buns with condiments and sauerkraut. We do that all the time.

Anything else we could do interesting with them?

Sometimes we do shoyu wienies over rice. We could to "beanie wienies" with baked beans.

But I'm wondering if anyone else does something different with hot dogs? If it matters, they happen to be Nathan's dinner franks.

And, yeah, I thought about chili dogs (don't really want to do chili dogs because I'm at work and chili is one of those things that take me all day to make). And I could do bacon wrapped hot dogs, too.

But I'm searching for something else. Something more ... interesting.

Any thoughts?

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  1. I've made something called "chili dog casserole" to rave reviews from hungry teenagers in the past - I cut the hot dogs into chunks and saute them with onions until everything gets a little brown and caramelized, then mix with a bag of frozen (thawed) potato cubes (the precooked kind - tater tots would probably also work if you cooked them first), cream cheese and canned Hormel chili (no beans). Top the whole mess with cheddar and bake until the potatoes are hot and the cheese is bubbly. Serve with mustard and raw onions on the side. Not even a little bit good for you but really, really tasty.

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      I like that.

      We're not big on the cheese thing. I bet it would work with Fritos on top, added at the end for crunchiness.

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        I tried a variation on your recipe and it worked out well.

        I fried up some frozen cubed potatoes until crispy, then mixed with the canned chili and the hot dogs and topped with Fritos, then baked. We served with a salad. Everyone thought it was good.


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          Excellent, glad you enjoyed it! The Frito topping sounds delicious, I will have to try that next time!

      2. Newark "Italian" Style hot dogs..Basically hot dogs, potatoes, peppers and onions all fried up together.

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          That sounds good.

          I found this:


          It's really not the type of thing that requires a written recipe, but now i have an idea of what it is.

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            IMO a little hot sauce or pickled hot pepper is key with italian dogs.

        2. Choucroute Garni can be made with just wieners (although some bacon is good too). Sauerkraut, onions, boiled potatoes (or mash). Yum.
          Here's an example but it needn't involve that many kinds of meat.

          1. Hot dog fried rice: Make a pot of white rice in advance and give it time to cool. Saute chopped hot dogs, carrots, peas, onion, scrambled egg, and garlic with a little soy sauce. Remove all that stuff, add more oil and pan-fry the rice, making sure to break up the clumps. Add chopped scallions when rice is slightly brown and fragrant. Then add in everything else and stir to combine. Salt and pepper to taste.

            1. For a quick & easy hot dog main dish I like to heat up a can or two of black beans and spice them up with plenty of cumin, cayenne and black pepper, simmer a bit 'til it thickens, then add the hot dogs cut into bite-sized pieces. I grill or broil the hot dogs first until they start to char, for extra texture and flavor.

              1. Kimchi Cheese dogs. Try them!

                I don't know what's lazy about the loco moco you mentioned, it's got all the ingredients. But I like to serve my moco with a slice of spam for that extra salty bite - maybe you can throw a couple pieces of seared hot dog in with you moco instead.

                1. Cut them in half and crosshatch the ends. Deep fry until they puff up into "flowers" at the end. Serve with sweet chili sauce. You could also stew them with kimchi, tofu, scallions and cabbage for budae jjigae or chop them and toss with lightly sauced spaghetti.

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                    Oh man I had me some amazing budae chigae the other day... I threw in some Pork roll and it was awesome in the chigae. Better than spam.

                  2. Since they're Nathan's, I would fry up with some sourkraut and serve them on a toasted hoagie roll w/ melted provolone. Only chips and maybe fresh veggies as a side. Yum! Love Nathan's!

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                      Something is going on here...I just answered ANOTHER hot dog question on CH...hmmmm...since you specifically said "interesting' I HAVE to mention Filipino hot dog spaghetti. It uses hot dogs and banana ketchup, which you will probably need to be near an international market to find. It. Really. Is. Odd. But good. Honest. And I was incredibly skeptical. Google has plenty of recipes. Just be sure to mention the banana ketchup if you're looking for the Filipino version...you will also see it called 'jufran' (which I think is a brand name) or 'banana spaghetti sauce'. And the moco loco idea sounds fantastic and I intend to steal it next time we have burgers.