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Feb 15, 2012 12:30 PM

Desperately ISO herbal coffee for weaning off morning coffee, hopefully located in the GTA...

Hi Chow peeps,
I know, fairly delusional expectations but I need something brown and coffee-like for the morning.
I normally drink black, freshly medium roasted (from hours old to 1 week max) , freshly ground Chemex brewed. (yes, highly spoiled).

Tea is NOT helping the craving.
Headaches not a problem.
Fauxfee candidate so far I am seeking:

Not sure if Dandy is available in Toronto.
Getting desperate.
Any help much appreciated.
My teeth grinding is out of control.....

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  1. Have you tried roasted mate tea? I'm just drinking the mocha hazelnut mate from Herbal Infusions and it's great. Here's a brief description from their website:

    A Brazilian toasted mate with mellow chicoary notes enhanced with the decadent flavours of chocolate and hazelnuts. Ingredients: Toasted mate, dark chocolate chips, natural chocolate and hazelnut flavour, sunflower petals

    1. David's Tea has a few "coffee replacements" in their line - the Coffee Pu'erh is really nice and "coffee-y". You can go to the store and purchase a 25 g bag of it, which won't cost very much and will contain enough tea to brew a few cups and see if you like it. Good luck!

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        thanks MrsLeny and Pate!
        I have tried a couple of mate infusions but I thought Mate did have caffeine kick (slow releasing and gradual though...) I am really trying to avoid the caffeine as well as the coffee in general because I am trying to figure out the cause of my fairly recent metabolic "change".
        I should really do a test and do two weeks on mate and sweat it out in to see if it is the caffeine per se or strictly the coffee that is making me offend myself :) Thankfully not noticeable to others but bugs me like crazy.

        Oddly, it not a problem until more recently. My 23andMe genetic test result says I metabolize caffeine faster than people who done have my same genotype. Maybe ashtanga yoga is upping my metabolism even more so the caffeine is exiting super quickly.. Ditching coffee is hard but I really like the yoga practice.

      2. My husband currently is on the same quest. We found the Teeccino at Strictly Bulk (north side of Danforth just west of Pape). has more flavours of Teeccino, in case you're interested in a wider variety of options.

        Right now, my husband is currently making his own mix:

        1/4 Regular roast Teeccino
        1/4 Dark roast Teeccino
        1/4 Regular roast Café Lib (available from Loblaws and Strictly Bulk)
        1/4 Dark roast Café Lib (only found at Strictly Bulk, so far)

        My husband has not experimented with other variations of the blend, as we had all four and he mixed them. The regular roasts were not flavourful enough for him; he found the Cafe Lib to have an unpleasant aftertaste and the flavour wasn't as complex, but the Teeccino straight didn't taste enough like coffee to him, and he felt like he was drinking herbal tea. Hence the blend, which he is happy with.