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Feb 15, 2012 12:19 PM

Did your Valentines Day dining met your expectations? Do you rec it for next year?

Ours surprisingly turned out to be exactly what we wanted. It wasnt a Chowish gourmet adventure but that wasnt what we wanted this time around. We had a rough week and all we wanted was low-key, low-price, low crowds, but with some romance and a Valentines day feel and a decent meal. We ended up at Brothers Kouzina in Peabody, a casual but a bit upscale Greekplace. The atmosphere was really nice. They have rasberry colored walls, lamps and linens anyways, dim lighting,and had red balloons and mylar hearts and roses decorating, and they had a guy singing romantic songs from the 40s to the 70s. We had swordfish, baked potato, onion rings, and spinach pie with greek string beans and roasted potatoes. The portions were huge and the varied flavors were really good and fresh.And it was 30 bucks.. I'd say for anyone seeking something thats a compromise between a fancy night out and a non festive early supper before the Valentines crowds rush in, that this was a perfect compromise.. I am always especially interested in hearing about places that have music since its hard to find. I know Cafe Jags in wakefield had a jazz trio. DId anyone eat there?

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  1. Love your post - it does not always have to be locally sourced, fancy-schmancy cuisine to be chowish, and festive.

    For my part, I have had enough Valentine's Day menus - so it was a Haymarket Pizza dough (now up to $1.25 sheesh) topped with good things and baked at home, and my knock-off of Oleana's almond cremolata with chocolate panini for dessert.

    1. oh yeah, and for dessert we had stopped first at Tootsies coffeeshop in Wakefield to pick up make your own cupcakes to bring home. They were small, but had a nice homemade flavor, and the owner was very friendly.

      1. My advice this year (and every year) was, "Save fine dining for next week, after the overpriced prix fixes have gone back into the Restaurant Week closet." I made a bunch of cheap, Chowish recommendations as alternatives for people who insist on dining out on the 2nd or 3rd biggest restaurant shit-show night of the year; that piece is in last week's Phoenix.

        I took Mrs. MC out to a romantic dinner last week, then on the day itself had a nice lunch on my own at Xinh Xinh (fine as always), and cooked dinner at home last night.

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          Indeed. We had a great dinner on Sunday night without the crowds, waitstaff rushing you out so they can turn over the table, or other issues. We went to Vee Vee in J.P. that night, and stayed in on Tuesday and made pizza and cocktails.

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            Agreed...restaurants on Valentine's day are neither Romantic nor fun.

          2. I was very happy- lunch was jap chae from H Mart food court, dinner was at home: Maine Shrimp from Fresh Pond Seafood, Legal Seafoods chowder and dessert was from Macaron Sweeterie.

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              Do you get jap chae from the last stall on the left side at H Mart? And does it have a number? I feel very intimidated when I go there, so I never get up the guts to order. Anything else good there? BTW, I cannot read what is on the wall (menu wise), because of my eyesight and don't speak Korean or any other language, other than English.
              Would love some recommendations. Thanks.


              1. re: mcel215

                Hahaha oh I'm glad you admitted it because I went in there all "I'm going to be adventurous today" and was promptly overwhelmed by all of the options and went with the one dish I have a passing familiarity with. I"ve only had a bit of Korean food and I'm not a total spice head. There are so many options at all the stalls there, and I would love someone who knows more than I do to make some recommendations!

                Yes, it was the stall on the end, I don't remember the number, I just said "Jap chae" and even with my non-authentic pronunciation they were able to figure out what I wanted. It was fine, probably not the best option there- very little actual beef in it, maybe 4 pieces total but the noodles had a nice firm texture and the overall flavor was good. I'm also not always totally sure about the panchan. The kim chi and the beansprout thingy are obvious and but there's a bowl of liquid- is it soup? Do you pour it over rice?

                I looked here when I got back and didn't see any recent threads about the H-Mart food court... maybe it's time to start one!

                1. re: Chris VR

                  Great idea, I'll ask for help now on a new thread. :) Thanks, lol!


            2. If I'm going to celebrate a holiday, I'm going to do it on that day. So we did our usual going out for a "whatever I'm craving that day" (how we celebrate birthday, Vday, and NYE) dinner. Last night it was burritos and chips at el Pelon. Have yet to have a bad meal doing it this way (or the couple years we made fine dining reservations).