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Feb 15, 2012 11:30 AM

Kefi Greekhouse & Ouzo Bar ... closed??

Does anyone know what happened to this place? They had a sign on their door saying they were due to re-open from renovations mid January. They haven't yet and it seems their phone number was disconnected this week.

Kefi Greekhouse & Ouzo Bar
9250 MacLeod Trail SE, Calgary, AB T2J 0P5, CA

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  1. I can't say I'm surprised if they are closed. It was very unimpressive the one and only time I went and I found the glowing reviews online interesting but not enough to try it again.

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      There were a few things that were pretty average, but there were a bunch of items that I had there that were very good. They were close to home and friendly to my onion-allergic wife.

    2. we went twice, and really enjoyed it both times. but maybe their kitchen was a bit inconsistent or something.

      i always thought the room looked pretty... rough, i guess is a good word. it kinda looked like they just bought an old warehouse and splashed a little white and blue paint around. you could see, for example, where they had applied paint over various old wall finishes, cracked tiles, etc. not that I minded, but I certainly did notice it.

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        I always just pretended they were going for an old-world feel... :-)

      2. We went to go there last night...closed due to non payment of lease...was the sign on the door. I really hoped this place would make it. We loved it. It was one of the only places you could go have a shared style meal and take hours to eat, visit, and enjoy. The entrance and bathrooms were a bit dodgy but I actually liked the dining area. However the dining area being so big and open did make you feel you were in a bit of a sinking ship when the restaurant was short of half full. Last time we were in we told that Gus had left-they should have tried to keep him, he made patrons feel they were a part of something and appreciated.