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Feb 15, 2012 10:22 AM

Paris - Where to have Asian Food on Easter


I'll be in Paris on Easter and understand many restuarants will be closed, however I've read that many Asian restaurants are open. My husband and I are big fans of Thai and chinese, any suggestions would be great.

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  1. I've collected from past threads some names for chinese/thai/viet//cambodian - In 13 arr. there are quite a lot of places very close to each other - i've ate a couple of times at Likafo and found it very nice - nice chinese food at a very plain setting and reasonable prices. It's not top of the notch, but good quite solid stuff. Song Huong, Tricotin, pho bida, lao viet, rouammit and Mondol Kiri all very close, and i hope to sample some in next visit. In the 19 - i marked Lao Siam, sounds like an interesting place. Many of those places have excellent detailed menues on their websites (not Likafo afak), so pretty easy to "get the feel" for the food.

    1. Why do you think that such a large proportion of French restaurants are closed your only options are Asian?