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Anyone cook daikon?

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I always have used raw daikon in my salad. I love it, but I've been wondering if anyone has ever cooked it....and if so....how?

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  1. At its very simplest, I think daikon makes a wonderful braise with soy sauce, mirin, sake, dashi, kombu seaweed and a little sugar. Those few ingredients transform daikon into a sweet and slightly peppery side. You can grate it and fry it somewhat like a latke or if you don't mind it as a background player, It goes well with beef in stewed dishes.

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      Very similar to what JungMann suggests, I followed the recipe above a couple weeks ago and it was delicious.

    2. It is great in braises and stews. Galbi Jjim http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galbijjim in particular but works well in Western style dishes also other Radish varietals work well too.
      Grilling radishes is delicious as well. It slightly softens and sweetens them.

      1. Oh yeah It goes great in Brothy soups too.

        1. Daikon is amazing in fish stew/soups. The flavors really work together. My favorite is the korean Jorim preparation with mackerel with pepper flakes and soy. This is my personal favorite way to eat radish - it's the best part of the dish.

          Here's a sample recipe: http://www.maangchi.com/recipe/godeun...

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            O! Thank you for that link, joonjoon! The recipe looks great! I will try it soon!

          2. As others have said, soups, stews, and braises.

            1. In my youth, my next door neighbor and best friend's family owned a Cantonese American restaurant....they had a Daikon dish made with beef slices....the daikon was julienned and both were combined with an oyster sauce (stir fry ). Very good over white rice.

              1. I use it almost daily in something, it is one of the most versatile veggies in existence.

                I also like to lacto ferment it (cut in coins so they don't float) and I also stick slices of daikon in various empty (or almost empty) pickle/olive jars in the fridge. The daikon takes on the pickle juice FAST (like in a day) because they are so porous- and they absorb all the flavor...sometimes kind of stinky....but good :) Can leave them there too long...

                I am trying this one right now: http://inthelivingkitchen.wordpress.c...

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                  For something completely different...

                  Singapore carrot cake (not carrots) - http://www.honeyandsoy.com/fried-carr...

                  Chinese turnip cake (law bak gow) - http://appetiteforchina.com/recipe/tu...

                2. I often make Asian-style daikon salad or pickled daikon to serve with banh my. Not sure how to incorporate daikon in western dishes though.

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                    I use it in roasted veggies and in many soups and stews. Today it goes in borscht.

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                        I think it could go in almost any stew like any root vegetable. It will take the flavor of the broth.

                      2. Together with cucumber, carrot, daikon - julienne very fine, lightly pickle with salt/sugar/vinegar. Make sandwich with french roll with mayonnaise, slice fresh chili, if desired and some cilantro leaves. A very nice and refreshing vegetarian sandwich.

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