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Feb 15, 2012 09:48 AM

Guanciale anywhere in va md or dc?

Why is it next to impossible to find decent guanciale in this area? I remember going to a small Italian deli/shop a long time ago and they seemed to be the only ones who carried guanciale. However, the guanciale seemed old and oxidized, didn't taste that great. Anyone know of any sources?

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  1. Have you tried the Italian Store?

    1. I've bought it from Red Apron (you can order online and pick up at either the Dupont Farmer's Market or Planet Wine in Alexandria) and Bev at Eco-Friendly Foods just started offering it at area farmer's markets. He had some at the Courthouse market in Arlington a couple of weeks ago. His was sliced, Red Apron's was a single 1 lb. piece.

      1. Society Faire in Old Town has it....I haven't tried it ther personally yet, but everything else has been good.

        1. I grabbed some the other day from Canales Deli at Eastern Market.

          It is vacuum sealed and I haven't opened it yet so I cannot attest to the quality yet. Spaghetti carbonara this weekend - I guess I'll find out how it rates in a couple of days.

          1. Check out North Mountain Pastures. They make delivery into MD and they have good guanciale.