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Feb 15, 2012 09:35 AM

First Charlie Palmer, now Nana.....

Charlie Palmer at the Joule will become Charlie Palmer Steak.

Now it appears the lovely Nana Restaurant will become a steakhouse as well.

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  1. I'm so disappointed about Nana. We have eaten their many times and it was by and far our favorite restaurant in Dallas. I have no interest in going to a steak house when I go out for a romantic dinner. I give the new place 6 months or so. In the meantime, I guess that is our push to try some new places.

    I will say last time we went to Nana in Oct. we were disappointed. Service was not up to par and they allowed people in the dining room with jeans, shorts and tennis shoes. We gave them a pass because it was the Arkansas/A&M game but we still weren't happy they sacrificed standards. Hopefully, after the steak house it will be returned to something great again.

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    1. re: foodie06

      I just don't get how they decided on a steakhouse. The DFW market is pretty saturated with high-end steakhouses as it is.

      1. re: Eastwind

        Probably because their clientele is mostly the businessmen who are at the Anatole for a conference, and steak is what that clientele wants. It's a shame for the rest of us, though. I've only had great meals at Nana.

    2. I guess I could see that for a big conference hotel like the Anatole, but a downtown hotel like the Joule? That's nuts. Charlie Palmer was one of the better restaurants in town and it absolutely had one of the best priced wine lists in town. Very sad.

      1. I might be crazy, but Nana was starting to seem dated to me, both the menu and especially the decor (I know, this is a food site, but those things matter for a restaurant's viability). Of course the food was good/great, but kinda late 90's without a real discernable theme IMO; is it italian, asian, french, contintential? And, sadly, steaks sell in this maket, especially to tourists, and the Anatole is a huge hotel for that.

        CP has always seemed just a tick away from a steakhouse anyways, with a half dozen meat offerings on any given night. Surely the wine program won't change with the name.