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Feb 15, 2012 09:22 AM

Actually, this is Exactly your Daddy's Steakhouse...

I finally gave into the hype and booked dinner at Jacobs & Co recently. To be completely honest, Jacobs & Co was surprisingly disappointing. I expected a fun upbeat steakhouse, but this was completely the opposite. it was traditional and stuffy, which was a massive surprise. This place was billed as Toronto's own n9ne or STK, but it was more like Harbour 60 with a more modern interior. The average age of the crowd was 60 and the younger crowd members were douchey i-banker types with zero fashion sense. The food was good, (standard high end steakhouse) and our server was great (as was the table side Caesar guy). Overall, though, I came away pretty disappointed as this just missed the mark I thought it would hit from an experiential perspective. I wish somebody would open a real STK or n9ne in Toronto...we need a fun place that's truly "not your daddy's steakhouse".

Jacobs & Co
12 Brant Street, Toronto, ON M5V 2M1, CA

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  1. So let me get this straight..You thought the food was good and the service was great but you came away disappointed?

    What were you expecting? A Vegas like steakhouse full of models and movie stars and a dj pumpin' tunes at max volume?

    I've been to Jacobs and was impressed by the fact that they put the emphasis on good food and service,not glitz and glamour..
    It's definitely not "my daddy's steakhouse"

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    1. re: petek

      @petek, no i was disappointed because it was no better food wise than harbour 60 and didn't have the fun of STK in NYC (not vegas...that location is over the top douchey). as stated, the food was good. standard, nothing to write home about from a steakhouse perspective. that said, i don't expect imagination in a steakhouse, just quality ingredients and they did not fully disappoint on that front. i did not need models and a dj pumping (although models help any environment become more pleasant), but i was not impressed by the 2 tables in my immediate vicinity where one guy refused to look at the menu until they replaced his menu with one that didnt have small tear in the lower right hand corner and the group of lothario's in suits next to him who refused to order until they were moved to larger booth. i want cool, un-pretnentious and good food. jacob's only delivered on the last of these items.

      1. re: dargo

        dargo: Reading your 2 posts, I get the impression that you were most put off by the demeanor of the other diners and perhaps the restaurant's response in accommodating them. Putting aside the other diners (like neighbors, one can't do anything about them), what could the restaurant do or change to have made it a better experience for you. You've said the food was pretty good as well as the service. You mentioned "fun", but as one who has never experienced STK in NYC, I have no clue as to what you are referencing. I would appreciate any elaboration. Thanks!

        1. re: T Long

          @ T Long, STK is a very different kind of steakhouse. it is extremely modern in design and tons of fun. if you go for a late table, i.e. 10 PM reservation, the place feels a party. there's a DJ spinning retro music and many drunken folks enjoying themselves. it is very much a product of the meat packing district where it is located. if you enjoy a good quality steakhouse but want a less stuffy environment, it's worth a visit the next time you're in nyc.

          1. re: dargo

            Is the demographic at STK mostly under 35, if it's located in the Meatpacking District?

            1. re: prima

              the demo is younger than your average steakhouse, but i would say under 45. in nyc people have fun well into their 40's. the only older folks are usually very old men with very young women.

        2. re: dargo

          Fair enough..Sorry if my response sounded a little harsh(I agree,a room full of models would make any environment more pleasant :D) but I did enjoy myself at Jacobs.Not as "old school" as some of Toronto's other steak houses...

          1. re: petek

            Disagree. If the models haven't been fed, they get cranky, and sometimes throw cell phones at peoples' heads. I don't think that makes a steakhouse environment more pleasant.

            1. re: prima

              maybe not more pleasant, but definitely more lively and fun ;)

            2. re: petek

              not a worry. always appreciate a good discussion and debate.

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            1. Tom Jones is an unpretentious steakhouse, but the average demographic is going to be 40-75. Very retro, certainly has the ambiance of what I'd think would closer to the kind of steakhouse most peoples' dads have dined at, but maybe that brings it up to a whole new level of unintentional cool that can't be found on King West or on Ossington. I didn't see any poseurs at Tom Jones the last time I was there.

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