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Feb 15, 2012 08:18 AM

First trip to Boston - looking for recommendations

My wife and I are traveling to Boston for 3 days (Sunday - Tuesday). We are staying in South Boston. We are looking for recommendations in and around Boston. Thank you

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  1. Eat before you leave New York.

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    1. re: AdinaA

      Read my mind, Adina. Boston's paucity of restaurants is a shanda, but I'm not sure on whom.

      1. re: AdinaA

        What about that ice cream place you recommended some time ago, in the park?

        As it happens, I'll be in Boston this weekend too, but I'm not planning on eating out; I'm bringing most of my food with me from NY. I *may* go out to Brookline for Sunday dinner, in which case it'll probably be at Taam China.

        1. re: zsero

          J.P Licks in Jamaica Plain is a nice place to have ice cream, brunch or a snack. It's not where a business traveler or tourist is likely to be.

          Downtown has Milk Street, which is excellent - particularly because they can bring a lunch platter for the whole office, plus they are downtown near the Freedom Trail.

          But Boston has a smallish shomer mitzvot community and just doesn't support chow level places. The places they do have are are pretty much all out in Brookline or Newton.

          Rubin's, which has been there forever, is a very good deli.

          I think Rami's is a truly excellent falafel shop.

      2. I have always enjoyed Taam China - particularly the one in Newton because they have a parking lot.

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        1. re: weinstein5

          The food at Taam China, and Rubins and a couple other places is fine. But there's nothing worth noting beyond that, imo.

          Ice cream place? JP Licks? It's a great place for ice cream and the one in Jamaica Plain does have a nice unknown brunch, but it's not centrally located to any of the other Jewish hoods or even south Boston (well, depending on where in SB).

        2. Three words
          Rubins- Meat Knishes