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Feb 15, 2012 07:49 AM


Going to be near bay Ridge today what is best pizza there? Slices or pie? I saw Grandma's listed but then on yelp it says there are different addresses the one at 6918 3rd ave is listed as good and then there are others saying there is another one that is good instead near to there with same name..anyone know which is one that is good? ..and any others in Bay Ridge area preferred..thanks...

ALSO, clean place, and area to sit with chairs not stools..thanks,

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  1. Go down 86th Street to L&B Spumoni Gardens.

    L&B Spumoni Gardens
    2725 86th St, Brooklyn, NY 11223

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    1. re: johnk

      Agree, and get the sicilian. You can also have a sit down dinner at L&B.

      1. Peppino's would be adequate - some vaguely upscale toppings (I really like the vodka pie with prosciutto & mushrooms), a little pricey. Atmosphere to sit down is pleasant.

        Gino's is a family restaurant that does inexpensive italian favorites well. Their pizza is pretty standard issue. It's a "real restaurant" though which seems to be what you want.

        johnk makes a valid point about traveling to bensonhurst for L&B which is always fun, for "sicilian" squares. It has a pizza side and a restaurant side -- in winter the indoor seating on the pizza side is pretty crummy but I believe you can get pizza in the restaurant.

        Gino's Restaurant
        7414 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

        7708 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

        1. Can anybody comment if Rocco's is any good? TIA. Something about a good spinach calzone maybe? Thanks.

          Rocco's Pizzeria
          7818 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

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            Rocco's is a solid neighborhood pizza purveyor. Kinda like Famiglia, maybe? (Thicker slices, lots of cheese.) Nothing from there that has blown my mind, but I haven't tried the calzones. I do like their pie with sliced-up meatballs on it.

          2. He's asking about Bay Ridge. L&B is not in Bay Ridge, it's in Bensonhurst.

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              Thanks for the help...didn't see response until, my husband and son ended up at Grandma's the one on 3rd ave and he said they are definitely Albanian there--anyway, he said not a destination pizza place at all, not bad, a decent slice, not even up to par to Nunzio's or Pomodoro which he had recently in Staten Island--he had Sophia Loren slice, grandma, and reg slice--he loves the Grandma from Graziella's in Bayside--Whitestone area--he had to pick me up in Boro Park, and we went to Korn Bakery on 16th Ave, not Korn's on 15th ave--got choc babka--overly yeasty and chocolate too syrupy--not dense style at all--black/white cookie, ok, but no comparison to Wall's in Long Island--and a danish that was pretty good---reason he didn't go to L&B which he could have gone too, he had car with him--was that he heard that it's not the way it used to be--is that so? He heard that the dough is very soft, gooey, like undercooked tasting--not his thing at all--prefers crispy and not overly cheesy---we need to be in that area for the foreseeable future on wed afternoons--so, looking to try some good spots in Boro Park and vicinity--bay ridge, bensonhurst...closeby to 11th ave and 49th--not walking but quick by car to get somewhere and get back there----read about Kaff kosher Bakery online that looks close..anyone been there?--see a lot of chinese place in sunset park, however my son doesn't eat this--italian is best bet for both of them...I see Tanoreen in Bay Ridge--this might work--he likes middle eastern...He really likes Joe's of Ave U-----something in the vicinity, but fairly south from Boro Park--because we need to head back via the belt to QUEENS...thanks for some other suggestions for italian, pizza, etc...----

              Grandma's Original Pizza
              6918 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

              Korn's Bakery
              5004 16th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11204

              1. re: janie

                Heh, people debate whether L & B is the same as it used to be (some insist yes, others no), but it is true that it is usually soft, a little gooey, and heavy on the sauce. I like it but some apparently find it unacceptable.

                1. re: scooter

                  I have tried it 3 times at the insistence of friends. 3 times I didn't like it. Uncooked dough slathered with what appears to be tomato paste.

                2. re: janie

                  Tanoreen is indeed very good family-style middle-eastern.

                  I forgot Pizza Wagon, which is kind of a cult favorite. It's thin, a little greasy, stick-to-your-ribs pizza. The space is pretty divey, which is probably why I didn't think to mention.

                  If you really want destination pizza I'd drive up to the south slope for Giuseppina's -- it's just like the much-hyped Lucali but a delightfully low key -- no wait, easy to park. Some of the best pizza in the city.

                  In general the slope is a much more interesting neighborhood to eat in than most of bay ridge.

                  7523 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

                  Pizza Wagon
                  8610 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

                  691 6th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

                  1. re: scooter

                    anybody try this new kosher pizza place, in Midwood, that's near to's gotten some good reviews..and I love the choice of toppings Posh Tomato? Just saw cute looking taco joint featured today on neighborhood eats that looks great, Cochinnita cobble hill....

                    Posh Tomato
                    1701 Avenue M, Brooklyn, NY 11230